Instagram: opinions on TrueCollectible

If anyone is in the Pokémon community on instagram, you most likely know truecollectible. They host big claim sales and their store is located in San Diego I believe. I wanted everyone opinions on them, mostly cause I was just reading the E4 blacklist. When I first started collecting about around 2 years ago, they held an auction on their page for a shining Magikarp card. This auction style thou was that you comment your bid right in the comments on the picture they posted. I really wanted the card, but this guy kept beating my bid by a few dollars. I gave up once it reached $60. The dude won but backed out, so truecollectible let me backup his bid, and I accepted cause I really wanted the card. I was curious why the dude didn’t claim the card since he bidded so hard against me for it. I find out it’s a 13 yr old kid and he basically said “Because it’s fun to bid”. He thought it was fun to make people pay a lot for cards he told me. I took screenshots and sent it to true collectible-after I had already paid- and asked if they could take my last highest bid instead, since the kid shill bidding (I didn’t know that term yet). They told me only bid what I’m willing to pay next time and that they’ll block the account. I was naive at that time just re-entering the hobby and really wanted the card, so I just accepted what they told me. Looking back I can’t belive a relatively big card store would just turn a blind eye to an obvious and proven shill and not give a customer a mere $20 back. They lost my business for good, I wanted to know what others experienced are with them, or if I’m just being overdramatic. Thanks :pray:t2:

This is the most Instagram shit I’ve ever read.

Any “business” running a claim auction on instagram is a waste of time. It’s one thing to do a promotional giveaway or something to have fun and advertise. An “auction” is completely ridiculous. Even if someone is 100% legitimate there is no accountability on social media. As you mentioned, you are literally bidding against children.


Ha! Yeah it was when I was new to the game, reentering the hobby two years ago. That was one of the many mistakes I’ve learned from. eBay or PWCC auctions?

The thought of a 13 year old bidding in an auction is such a prime example of the nonsense you see on the scam-my side of Instagram. Also sounds like the seller is trying to find a new niche to scrounge more money than market value for their cards; which is total BS, as soon as one of these new methods is proven to work it takes off like wildfire, this just seems like a hot mess though.

You’re not being over-dramatic, but I’d stay away from anything that feels even remotely dodgy, cling to sellers that are happy with G&S like a life raft, try not to buy from sellers that also run raffles because anything you buy is going right back into that crap. Don’t be afraid to make a post and call out these people either as bad publicity really detracts from their business and will also encourage fellow scammers to block you so you won’t have to deal with their nonsense.

I literally could not make this shit up if I tried. Instagram has become a parody of itself :joy::joy::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:


Off-topic, but…my favorite instagram shit was when someone won one of my eBay auctions, tried to sell it for double the auction price on instagram (having stolen my scans) and didn’t pay because he couldn’t flip it for more. Told me he did it all the time.


I love Instagram’s format as its simple, easy to post, look and connect with people but I must say its a dangerous field if you don’t do your buyer diligence as there is no regulation whatsoever on IG.

Jeeeeez what a jackass! The mentality behind this is so ridiculous I don’t even know where to start. And the worst part is that you can’t avoid this part of Instagram even if you’re not engaging with it and you’re trying to stay more professional by sticking with an eBay store.