If you had to start over again?

If you had to start your collection from scratch. What would be your first purchase? What would you go for? What would you collect?


I would have spent more time learning before i bought anything. Id still be after what im after but i wouldnt have gotten so many packs or boxes just to have cards in general.


That’s exactly what I did over 2 years ago. Found my old Pokémon collection from like 20 something years ago, sold them, then decided to start new, a small collection, & now we’re here. I thought of cards I just personally like based on art, meaning, & a bit creative as well, putting aside whether a card is hard to find, or expensive (although some of them are pricey but that’s not my go to reason for getting them.)

One thing I do though… if I find a card I like with a certain artwork, I do go for the rarest version of that same artwork though.


I would probably focus on Japanese unique artwork first. When I got back into collecting, English held the nostalgic hooks in me.


If I had to start from scratch today I wouldn’t do it at all. If I did, the first purchases would all be Base set.


I would pick up some nom nom


If I had to start all over again I’d probably do a 3 pronged attack between Japanese vintage set holos, ultra modern gallery/SIRs that I like the artwork of, and any of the cheaper modern Japanese exclusive promos.

What’s different about starting over for me would be that I would more than likely skip sealed and slabs, and focus purely on binders and being more specific with my purchases. I would also probably buy a 12 pocket binder because they look cool and I’d be going all in. :sunglasses:


Bid for high end prize cards


i’d have to start with these and i do not like the thought of having to buy some of these again lol. it feels so much better having them secured.

i constantly evolve my collection and sell of stuff i don’t want anymore as i prioritize cards i do want more. because of this, i’m not left with much that i regret having nor cards i wish i bought instead.


Probably only 2 “regrets” or things I’d change, but tbh, no real regrets, appreciate the collection I have.

I wasn’t actively playing Pokemon games all the time or collecting cards, but I never really lost interest. I remember talking about Pokemon with friends in 2012-13. I bought a used N64 and Pokemon Stadium so I could play with some friends back in 2014 or 15. I got into the Go Beta (before anyone even knew what Go was) because I was so excited and still followed Pokemon/Nintendo news. And I recall at least a couple times of going through my old WotC collection. I started actively playing PTCGO in 2016. But for some reason I never thought of buying cards during this time. I wish I had thought about picking up some old cards in the pre-Go days when they were super cheap.

My only other regret is when I finally did “get back into” cards around 2018/19, I did it very gradually. I was going to shops where I saw a bunch of cool stuff (at unimaginable prices compared to today), but wouldn’t spend much at all. I’d buy only 1 or 2 cards out of the display case. Same as above… wish I would’ve just bought everything I was interested in. Because everything is double or triple the price now and I still want it anyway.


I have few regrets with how I started out. But if I were in a position where I was starting from scratch starting today, I would first focus on working towards my Riolu/Lucario master art set. I would make connections with people as soon as I could, find people and services I can rely on to buy stuff from certain countries, and proceed to buy or deal hunt for other cards that I may happen to like.

Right now is honestly not a bad time to start from scratch, with things on the downturn across the board. I probably wouldn’t have too much trouble getting to the point I am currently at within the next 2 or 4 years. Then again, I am also someone who only started collecting seriously during the end of 2021. Even with my relatively recent start, I have been able to get a collection that I am very proud of and continue to expand.


A really awesome thread to see as someone new to the hobby. It’s nice to have seasoned collectors talk about where they’d start to get an idea of things, so thanks heaps!

As someone that did just start, my starting point was nostalgic pokemon that I liked the art of. Was brought up on WOTC but the gen 1-2 pokemon are what I’m connected to more than the actual WOTC cards.

Learning more about promo cards so that rabbit hole is likely to be a big part of my collection as I continue.


This is a tough one but a great hypothetical.

Scenario 1:
I would have all the experience, knowledge, and connections I have now and a decent card fund to start a collection.

I would go the ‘buying under market price in my opinion’ route because of how much I keep seeing cards as numbers after doing this for so long as someone who primarily looks at the numbers.

I still love cards, still fall into rabbit holes easily and still get that heart-racing reaction every time I see some never-before-seen cards but I have become more realistic than I was 9 years ago, so yeah, buy for value is what I would do.

Scenario 2: I do NOT have all the experience, knowledge, and connections I have now but still have a decent card fund to start a collection.

I would do everything the same like how I started. English chase cards > Charizards > Japanese rarities. In that order.

Scenario 3: I do NOT have all the experience, knowledge, and connections I have now and NO card fund to start a collection.

I would admire basically anyone with a Pokemon card collection and spam ‘CGC is trash’ on all social media posts showcasing CGC cards.


Impossible since i doubt i could easily find all my decks again but if i had to start again id avoid the hype of modern opening and stick to singles only. Id avoid graded cards and stick to binder copies. Also id organize as i went and keep only favorites so anything that isnt that can be easily traded off. As for the deck collection, im not sure i would do it again. Its been a fun ride learning about variations no one else is aware of but its also been a huge time and money hole that i think id be happy with once being enough. At this point I probably could have bought a higher value grail card for all the work that went into my collection.


If there was a time machine? Snap Gyarados.

If not and it means I’d have to start from here? I think I would move on to other things honestly.


PLEASE NO. I’m a Base-Legacy competitive player. My collection is like, not easily able to replace. I have almost every wotc card like 4 times over. And many wotc energies. If i had to restart id have to learn a whole new game before i can start to rebuild cuz now im like dead broke.


Scenario 4 tho? u have the knowledge, just not the fund.

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If I had to start collecting fresh I dont know if I could. I love my collection and proud of what I have.


What year do I get to go back in time to? I only ever had few random packs of base jungle fossil and went away from the TCG pretty much immediately afterwards and just did the video games GSC through DPPt pretty intensely. HeartGold is probably my favorite next to the 3DS virtual console Crystal Version. Played BW when that came out, never did BW2, then came back for XY which was the last game I’ve played. I still have a brand new Omega Ruby I am always meaning to play.

TCG side I’ve gotten back into now and really love the Shining Tyranitar. That’s probably the most expensive single card I’m really interested in. Otherwise EX era has most of the rest of my favorite art. Stamped reverse holos are just the cherry on top. I like them more than most gold stars tbh.


If I had to start from scratch, I think I would restart the way I started in the first place, which is rebuilding my base set collection. Maybe a boring answer, but as much as I love some of my niche and rare cards, I really enjoy flipping through my base set binders and reliving the moments I cherished years ago. It’s a hobby I’d love to pass to my (future) children one day and I think it would be so fun to show them how I started and see where they decide to start for themselves.