If you could only open 1

Price aside, if you could only open 1 pack, any pack, what would it be?

1st Edition Base set


The only right answer :grin:


Topps chrome series 2 pack with sparkle muk inside


Have you worked out the odds?

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It’s 100% if it’s the pack i requested :thinking:


But yeah, for a better answer i haven’t since it isn’t a realistic thought but it isn’t very advanced math since there’s 73 possible sparkles in set and 1/10 odds to pull one, but for a price of a booster i could probably buy any non gem mint graded copy so yeah :sweat_smile:

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So 1 in 730 packs is a sparkle muk. Where the hell are they all? Lol

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probably an alpha MTG pack. I don’t collect magic but seems like it would be hype to open. The 1st edition pack is definitely going to have a scoop up

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1st Ed Neo Discovery. The Espeon holo is my favorite card and pulling it myself would be a dream! :sparkling_heart:

Yeah, didn’t think the search would be this difficult when i started it


No Rarity


The ultimate pack for me would be a Shadowless pack with a Charizard as deep and rich in color as the most opulent pigeon blood ruby. Or a 1st ed pack with the deepest possible 1st ed equivalent.

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Well, Imma bring Nietzsche into this and say, ANY pack I open will be chasing the nostalgia of opening that pack originally. Do I want to open it to repeat that feeling, or do I have the feeling because of what happened then? So, now that I think about it, no matter what I open today, it’ll probably be disappointing. SO, since it wasn’t specified what is IN the pack…

I want to open an Ex Deoxys pack If and Only If it has a gold star Rayquaza in it. :wink: :laughing:
I would also love to go back and open the first neo gen JP pack I opened with lugia. Old back. Good smell. Cardboard crack.

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Heavy No Rarity


Well, since money is not an issue, I’d want to go back in time and open the very first pack I ever opened. Would love to have another chance at taking better care of that Charizard. What do time machines go for these days anyway?

No but seriously, mine would probably also be 1st edition Base. I feel like most other packs would most likely be a let down if you do not get the chase card of the set, whereas with 1st edition Base even the commons and uncommons are exciting.


1st ed Base english

I would say any pack of Neo Destiny or Team Rocket or Ex Team Rocket Return’s would be soooooo good! :slight_smile:

Your friendly :spaghetti: :rocket: grunt.

Id like to open 1 pallet of 1st edition base set ty.

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for only 1 pack i’d go legendary collection just for the guaranteed reverse

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