I won't be grading with PSA anymore

I fully understand your frustration. It seems that grading with PSA wasn’t always like this, but especially after my submission went missing this earlier this year, it’s just no longer a risk I feel comfortable taking either. The fact that they tend to shrug their shoulders and basically tell you to piss off when they mess up too is so painful. Sorry this happened to you.


Serious question, would you keep that as is or try and cross to a PSA 9?

Im gonna keep it as it is I like it. The slab label always mattered a lot to me and now cgcs is really good. Still too many colors and crap on psa, plus cgc is a lot clearer to view

I realize its a trying time right now with grading, but I have never seen such an opportunity to get legitimately top tier cards for regular people as I see right now. All you gotta do is focus on the card and not the slab. people seem to be actively avoiding some cgc auctions just out of spite or hurt feelings (idk) but man these cards are auctioning low right now. I have gotten so many 9.5 gold stars and 1st ed base recently that my 2020 self wouldnt believe it. You can say oh the quality is poor on them, and that is true on some, but not all. And as a buyer you have a great option to view a card before buying.

I even sold off (WIP) my complete bgs 9 eseires collection (my goal that took me 4 years of tons of work and graded 90% myself) just because of the opportunities that exist rn. CGC is low rn because people are upset and therefore not looking at auctions for the most part. I can literally afford 9.5 quality (or nearly gem mint, whatever you wanna call it) gold stars and base starters now all because of public perception. With the increased avoidance of cgc from many big wigs its like a golden opportunity for the regular guys who always wanted these high visibility cards but had to compete with big shots to just come in an grab them for prices that they can work with.

I absolutely agree that not all old 9.5s deserved the bump to 10 and the issues many people see are legit ( had some issues with this myself), but as I said before you can complain about it or you can act on what data we have. Id much rather have 1st ed base starters and gold stars in top grades like 9.5 or 10 than stick with my old 8s and 9s out of spite. Apparently this is a hot opinion though, and that is really fine with me. I dont wanna sell most of these cards. Ill probably let go of the ones that I dont think are quite strong enough but I still think Ill be in a better place than if I did nothing and just complained about the changes.

Kinda a rant and Im sure you were not looking for a rant lol. I just like the new label, I like the new scale and I like the new buying and submitting price. So I am going to make the collection pivot and we will see how it goes. I can pretty much guarantee I will be happier with a set of 9.5 starters and gold stars than the 8s and bgs 9s I was locked into before.

Edit: and here’s the back so everyone can tell me it belongs in the dumpster and I’m an idiot


Would probably cross to a PSA 3 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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more likely a 8 + a nice email telling me they dropped it down the drain by accident and now its a 2


To be fair, it’s just a job for the agent. Most of the employees probably DGAF about cards at all. So, you don’t want to spend more $ with PSA? Why should they care? They hardly see any of it anyway.

In every scenario once you decide to grade with them, they win. So you should really still get the $100 as opposed to just giving it to them for fucking up.

What would you expect of them though? They are just a company whose goal is to make as much profit as they can. 99.99% of the cards submitted to them are historically irrelevant - no matter the condition. These aren’t art historians or museum curators. The people who care more about the cards are people on this forum, collectors, players - PSA only cares about money. And when we say PSA, just like we refer to any company, it’s basically the current set of executives that are decision makers. Everyone else in the company doesn’t or shouldn’t GAF anyway. And what do a faceless bunch of executives want at the end of the day? They don’t care about the company either just how much money they can squeeze out of it.

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I already gave up grading for vintage cards, would just fork out the extra cash for graded slabs.

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What’s your point? Should we all just end our life right here and now because nothing matters and we’re all gonna die anyway?


My point is right there. Maybe you should see a therapist if you took that away from it.

I have never graded my cards, because I was still waiting for years for the fees to drop. I “have” to go through a middleman as well, so this makes me even more anxious.

…What? A company should exactly care about customer service quality, because it eventually reflects on your numbers. You’re being way too radical.

I understand the need to be rationale and logical in this thread but being hyper-logical just does not help anyone. I think our whole thought process is culmination of logic, our experiences, what we know and learn, our instincts, our conscience, our feelings etc. All of these things help us to sort things out in our lives.

Also if you have followed OP post history this year with PSA grading, I think my guy has the right to absolutely vent regarding this topic. Sorry that this happened to you @brendantheclayboy. Things always get better.



I thought this was just gonna be a thread about someone complaining about their grades, but wow! Infuriating stuff. Hope you get what you’re owed.

Buddy, read the room.


I don’t think OP needs a pity party. They already decided to never grade again.

I was nodding along initially but while touching grass, OP’s complaints struck me in a different light.

They make sense, sure but we can’t run away from reality. I thought of every time I ever complained about service or a company in the same vein and then realized why should the service agent care?

It’s just a job. The company isn’t going to treat them any better if they care more. They can’t do anything about company policy that wants to fuck the customer. So why take it out on them?

I think it should be known for anyone who stumbles upon the thread in the future that PSA is merely a place to grade to flip. There is no collector sentiment. They upcharge you even if you have no intention to sell. They don’t care. It’s just business.

OP has every right to vent and so do all the others who PSA fucks over by damaging their cards. I never said they didn’t have that right.

I’m just pointing out why our emotional reaction falls onto deaf ears. You will care more about your cards than any PSA employee ever will. So, if you’re going to grade for sentimental or collector reasons, just be aware that that is the reality. It does no one any good by pretending otherwise.


Respectfully, you aren’t saying anything that we don’t already know. This is a thread to vent, not to educate.



It has been a week. The order went from QA check (where it was for weeks originally btw), back to assembly. It took them a week from the OP email just for this.

It’s already been shown how much they don’t care about customers, so taking a week to deal with one card for a customer who’s card they damaged is no surprise to me. But what the real kicker is here is this. Call psa? At their regular landline? The same landline that has been non existent for what, 2, 3 years now?

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Well, just 'cause I had to, I gave it a try. Obviously same as always. Call queue is full.

Also grades weren’t ready last time nor are they this time. It is well, well beyond a joke at this point. This company man. No other like it.