How/why did you find elitefourum?

I do love that E4 is the top search result for a number of obscure TCG related topics.


My first foray into the forum was actually for my first iteration of my Piplup spreadsheet! I was looking for an easy way to find all of the cameos without having to go and look at every single card in existence up close, and I found this thread: List of All Pokemon TCG Cameos (English) which was extremely helpful in putting together my English spreadsheet.

Later on, as I was researching non-English releases, this forum kept popping up in the search results, and after using a lot of the resources already provided here, I decided to actually make an account. Since then, I’ve had the joy of sharing my collection as well and interacting with all of you lovely people here too, and it’s been a wonderful collecting experience jumping back into the hobby.


It’s great to see how many people were drawn to e4 by my cameos article :slight_smile:


Absolutely brilliant work o7


I don’t quite remember how I found this site in the first place, but I think I was trying to look up information about cards and grading because around late 2020, I had decided I wanted to try to flip some Pokemon cards (I was playing the online TCG a lot at that point and figured that might be a fun way to interface with the physical TCG). I was completely new, not having touched any TCG cards since probably Team Rocket in the WotC days, so I probably was trying to look up things and understand the cards better. I remember what motivated me to make my first few posts was that I was thinking about trying out grading and wanted to ask a few questions. Then, after a bit, I went dormant for about a year and a half and reemerged because I actually wanted to start collecting.


Bit off-topic here but I didn’t want to start a new topic for what could be a terrible, obvious question but…

…who is the artist for the Topps cards? Is it just Sugimori again but without the old school watercolours? This was the same art that was in the guidebooks and magazines when we were kids and I always saw it as the “normal” official art, separate from OG Sugimori. Looked closer to the anime.

I did try researching the question but couldn’t find a definitive answer with how bloated and irrelevant most Google search results are these days.


I was an active poster on the reddit sub, and then someone suggested I come over to E4… maybe it was @quuador? I think so. I had posted a link to the original trophy cards on eBay, that some looney (@smpratte ) :laughing: had posted for an insane amount. Who would pay 2 mil for some cardboard?! (This was probly 2018, when I was naive and innocent.) Then I lurked for a little while here, before I started to post. :grin:


I’ve always assumed it’s just Sugimori arts even if it’s a lot of times more rarely used ones, but can’t confirm since indeed no artist info is printed on cards and topps doesn’t keep or give basically any info of their old products


@eeveeteam commented on a post on virbank on the book of faces and said to google eeveelution masterset and that led me here


@tcgmaine told me about the forum. I lurked on the old site for quite a bit. Always finding it cumbersome to navigate. When the forum moved to the new site I continued my lurking ways until the art contest, then I became obsessed with earning GoOutside still I mostly lurk, tho take in some info, chuckle at some memes, enjoy an article. My new goal …guess one dang card!



That’s a shame. I would assume it has to be Sugimori art but just coloured in a different way. The weird thing is that Sugimori art still isn’t coloured that way from Gen 3 onwards when the watercolours were thrown out.


Pokegym was the home for players, made for rulings as the Team Compendium was the only “official” link for players to get those so needed rulings.
However a lot information about collecting can still be found there.

And don’t forget those lame players are the reason NR1, nr2 winner cards exists.


i believe it was @ragingkraken on Reddit who showed me this :musical_note: whole new wooorld :musical_note: of E4 when i needed advice on how to start collecting eeveelutions and in what order etc etc!


Back in 2015, I had been collecting again for about a year and it was very isolating, there seemed to be no active communities online. I started to crave having people to speak to about a topic I had been obsessed with for the past year. I searched hard before I stumbled upon E4, signing up pretty soon after that.

I’ve visited almost daily now for nearly 10 years!


Pretty sure I was looking for a list of Eeveelutions in all languages so I wouldn’t have to make the list myself. Ended up here and found out about cards I had no idea existed, and saw a couple of good Eevee and Eeveelution collections so I figured I’d stay here.