How to tell vending series apart

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew a way on how to tell the vending machine cards (series 1,2, and 3) apart from each other? I know the sheets have different colors that correspond to each series, but I was wondering more about how to individual cards apart just by looking at them. Any help would be appreciated, and if this already discussed please let me know and I will delete this thread. Thank you

Study the cards are in each set so you know which set the card is from when you look at them. They have the same set symbol so I think that is the only way except for the obvious ones from Series 3 with the different back.


Vending is like one big “set” which uses a set symbol that appears elsewhere on Japanese promos, but is principally associated with these cards. Like the contents of any set, the only way to identify them is to become familiar with them.

Since almost all of these cards are Japanese exclusive the Bulbapedia articles are Japan-first and they’re easy to review in those articles, unlike other cards which were released in English and thus show that card first and foremost.

If you see the Number in the Bottom Right of the Sheet you know exactly which cards you get ( Exception limited Bills pc sheet, but the sheet looks different anyway)
So if you see its a blue Sheet you automatically know → Blue Series–> “You see for example a 3 in the bottom right”–> you know
your Sheet will have Rattata, Bulbausaur, Pidgey

A.P.Speeze Link is the way 2 Go

Thank you everyone who commented. I have used that bulbapedia link in the past. I just wasn’t sure if there was anything on the cards specifically that differentiated them from each other. Explaining it as one giant set makes sense.

Thank you

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