How to store sealed single cards?

I have a few sealed single cards in my collection now. The ones with the plastic wrapper around them.
I have a few of them in the bigger toploaders that I have amassed from my Japanese buys, but I feel like there has to be something better for them.

Anybody have a way to store these whilst keeping them sealed?

I keep mine in a currency toploader (side loaded).

Thanks Gary, turns out my Dad has a load of them for his philately.

There are actually top loaders (top loading, not side loading) that perfectly fit sealed cards so you don’t have to fold that plastic wrap. I can’t remember where to find them, though. They might be Japan exclusive. D:

Card Saver I’s work pretty good, too.

I use toploaders as well

I just put mine in empty Japanese booster boxes :blush:

I forgot to mention, but I use these for valuable singles:

a) KMC Sleeve + Ultra Pro Deck Protector
b) Top loader (or Card Saver I)
c) Ultra Pro Team Bag (for top loaders)

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I currently use 3x5 Ultra Pro Top loaders (can find them on amazon), but for some of the sealed cards that have multiple cards (such as the Turtwig, Chimchar and Piplup PPP PLAY promos or the Darkrai L-P Promo which has 3 other cards sealed with it) I keep them in a bigger postcard size top loader.