How to remove cigarette smoke from psa-slabs?

Hey guys, I bought two new psa-cards and they smell very much after smoke…Do you have any suggestions on how to get rid of that?

Baking soda filled Tupperware, put them inside, close…wait 1 month… perfect

Edit: don’t let the slab touch the soda

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Wash with soap and water then “treat” to some extent with ozium spray, baking soda or dryer sheets. It’s a combination I used back when I dealt with video games which for whatever reason seemed to have a high rate of smokers. I’ve used it to some extent with raw cards too less the soap and water obviously.

Honestly though I’ve never run into it with graded cards, but if I did and it were an easily replaceable card I would just return it over smoke smell. It’s disgusting when it’s so bad that plastic takes in so much of that smell and IMO it will never leave 100%. Just gets diminished/replaced/masked.


I just never understood the whole concept of smoking inside your house, especially around high end collectables. That sucks though man, hopefully you’re successful in getting that smell out.

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But do you understand the whole concept about smoking?

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If it’s so bad that the plastic has retained the smell I would be surprised if the case didn’t have a bit of yellowing as well. I understand we all have our crutches, I’m a whiskey man myself and will have the occasional cigar, but chain smoking has to be one of the dirtiest and unhealthy habits (that’s legal anyways).

Yeh true. But man is it cool. Hahaha I jest.

I wonder if vaping could do something similar, leaving a smell or discolouring, after long enough exposure?

If I’m being honest, I looked up the definition of concept before using it and I thought I was in the clear lol. I went through a mini pack a day smoking phase myself but I always went outside to smoke. Well…except for the handful of times I came back from the bar hammered and decided to chain smoke while playing PS4 :blush:

If nothing works, you could entertain the option of re-slabbing the thing completely.

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That’s disgusting. I would return them.

Have you tried cleaning the cases?

Simply display it next to a pine scented burning candle!

On a real note, it’s incredible how many uses baking soda has!