How to list foreign variants

I like to collect certain cards in every language, sometimes it’s easier to buy a booster box than to aquire the single. Then I have the issue of having a ton of lefover cards. I’m trying to sell them on eBay but it’s hard to list them.

When shopping for a foreign variant how do you find them on eBay?

Pikachu, mewtwo,eevee etc are easy because you can find lists out there that lists every card ever printed with those, but for others like say seismitoad it’s not that easy.

I’m struggling with a bit of this myself. Especially for the languages that aren’t French, Italian, German (or English/Japanese).

Here’s some tips I’ve learned to use:

  • make sure to set item location to “Worldwide”
  • find the foreign name of the pokemon and used that as a search term
  • search for things on the appropriate ebay site ( etc) or try a site like this
  • try using the “English” version of the language and the native word (ex. “French” vs “Français”)
  • search for name of the set in the desired language without the pokemon name (ex. “Frontières Franchies”)

The problem is that there’s just not many people listing their Portugese Seismitoad so you can dig into ebay all day and still not find what you want if no one bothered to list it.

PS. if you have spare Lopunnys in other languages, let me know :blush:

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Thank you so much!! That helps so much. Hopefully now I can finish my Blastoise set.

I feel so old I had to good what “Lopunny” looked like. I’ll take a look to see if I have any.