How to Choose a Category When Posting

We have split up the forum into Categories to help keep everything organized. They are pretty straight-forward. It may be the case where your topic overlaps multiple topics, just do you best to pick one. It may be changed without warning, it’s ok if this happens!

If for whatever reason, you are not interested in a particular topic, you can mute that entire category to block future updates from it.

Category Description
General General A catch-all category for topics that don’t fall neatly into any other category.
Question Question A special section that has a Q&A format. If you have a question that has a factual answer, put it here.
Collecting Collecting Primarily for collection threads: to show pictures or provide updates. Any topics relating to collecting can also go here.
Market Market Any topic relating to investing, prices, money, trends.
Grading Grading For topics related to grading companies, grading tips, submission information, population data.
Articles Articles For informational topics, articles, documents. Typically comprehensive.
Buy & Trade Buy & Trade wtb or wtt threads. Selling is not allowed here, please refer to the rules.
??? ??? There maybe other sections that open up based on your activity level :slight_smile:



  • “What do you think of the Pokemon anime?”
  • “Do you use a vault?”
  • “New set just announced”


  • “How many languages was Base Set printed in?”
  • “Is this card real?”
  • “What do I do if my purchase is lost in the mail?”

Please try to :white_check_mark: check the best Solution


  • “My collection thread”
  • “How do you store your binders?”
  • “My beanie baby side collection”


  • “Following the price trend of T17”
  • “What of these two cards should I invest in?”
  • “Is the market stagnating?”


  • “PSA vs CGC - who is worse?”
  • “My latest submission was damaged”
  • “Discounted grading fees just announced”


  • “Every Pikachu card from 1996 to 2006”
  • “How to store your cards to minimize damage”
  • “Scans from Trainer Magazine 3”

Don’t be afraid to ask for tips when it comes to formatting

Buy & Trade

  • “Want to buy: PSA 9 Unown A”
  • “Trading full arts for full arts”
  • “My WTB/WTT thread”

Please use wtb or wtt in the Tag section