How rare? - fossil mew & neo dark raichu

Just curious as to how rare these 2 cards are. Were they particularly difficult to pull in their respective expansions? or were they more common than other holos?

Hi pretty sure fossil mew is just as rare as all the other fossil holos,it is just the one everyone wanted,like charizard in the base set.Neo dark raichu is a white star so is much more rare than the other neo 2 holos.Think it was usually 2 in a box of 60.It is actually one of my favourite cards and I have one I am hopping will get a PSA 10.Hope that helps.

Thank you guys for the info. Does anyone know the approx pull rate of shining gyarados/magikarp?

I’ve heard that shinings in Japanese were 1 in 300 packs.

Mew I wouldn’t pay more than $5-$10 for. Shining Raichu Japanese… hard to price, but probably $40-$72