How New Pokemon Cards are Made!

Just thought i would share a interesting article from gamespot on how Pokemon cards are made:


This was such an awesome article! Thank you for sharing. Seeing that print of the Stufful artwork makes me dream of owning anything like that for some of my favorite cards…


What a great share. Thank you!

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Great read! I love how he’s so proud of the nightmarch deck – that deck was such a bitch when it was in standard ahah.

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Holy trimmed shadowless charizard in the banner, batman!

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Yeah it is. Lol

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That was an interesting read, thanks for sharing :blush: It’s nice to know Pokémon has a dedicated full time play testing team too, I think that’s really important to have. Amazingly MTG didn’t have a dedicated play test group until the past year after the designers screwed up and had to ban 9 cards in a year for standard. Lots of unhappy people lost heaps after their t1 standard decks became worthless when cards were banned, and it happened multiple times. Shows the importance of play testers and not just relying on the dev team playing with the cards.

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I feel like if more players read this article, they would gripe slightly less about metagames and appreciate the various formats they’re in more. The cycle of the Pokemon community has always been “I hate this format,” then two to three years later they romanticize it and miss it.


I like how they cited collectors as a key demographic point in their testing and designing of the new cards. But I wonder to what degree? Maybe just the crazy variety of cards these days that come out each set and the fact that pull rates for certain cards are actually crazy insane. Also must agree that lab mewtwo might be one of the best I’ve ever seen in the TCG…

Guess we now know why every Darkrai card is ridiculously playable!

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Nice read, thanks