How much per year do you lose to scammy online buyers?

Just curious what everyones experience is selling. Do you plan a certain amount per year to go towards “bad sales”?

Ever since I stopped doing white envelope shipping and tracked everything mine went down to 0%.

When I did do PWE some months up to 25% of the cards magically never “arrived”, Average it was 10%.

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2 times to someone in the U.S in the past 12 months. Bother under $10 purchases

2 times to international buyers in the past 12 months. Bother over $50 purchases.
Italy is not on my good side.

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I require all purchases from me to be tracked in a bubble mailer at minimum to avoid this problem *knocks on wood*

I’ve had problems with Italy myself!

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I have had good experiences with Italy myself. I think you both just got unlucky, there are plenty of good buyers in Italy


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The only time I’ve lost money selling cards is when I would mail in an envelope with a stamp, meaning no tracking number included. There was a certain guy who specifically asked me if there was a tracking number the day that I mailed his order out, I said no and then on the first day that he could open a case, he did and got the money back.

I’ve had problems to Italy also:(

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I have a store rule that I won’t sell anything under 50.00usd so all get trackable treatment. Very few problems over the years.


I’ve had this happen to me as well. I had a bad feeling about the buyer after he messaged me immediately after paying asking for a tracking number. Told him his shipping method doesn’t get tracking and he opened a case as soon as he could. Being a Canadian seller is a bit trickier in terms of selling however. I can ship PSA/raw cards to the united states tracked for under $4, International around $14 but Canadian tracking starts at about $11. I sell a lot of singles within Canada so I usually don’t track, and that has come back to bite me in the ass. Now I just make the buyer pay for tracked shipping on anything over $40 just to be safe. That being said, i’ve got to say probably under 5% of my total sales claim the item never arrived, and it’s usually pretty cheap. Just an expense of doing business on ebay I guess.


I’ve been pretty fortunate and haven’t had a bad sale where I’ve lost money. I mostly send tracked but some things I do PWE and there’s never been an issue, some countries just take a while.

I’ve had a few people ask for “partial refunds” when unhappy with a product even though it was described perfectly. Most recently was a blister pack that was stated as bent and loose on one corner. He complained even though it was described and I shut him up with a 10 spot.

I only do white envelope shipping with cards under 5 bucks. No issues to date, but I know that can change.

That makes three of us.

Yeah Italy is kind of known for terrible/unreliable postal service, a lot goes missing there and it ain’t buyers trying to scam people.

Just wanted to add this to- as a guy in the Netherlands who sometimes buys from Italy sellers; i always expect the cards to arrive in +/- 2months after i buy 'm, so I only buy cheap cards I can’t get somewhere else thanks to that crappy postalService

Has to be real shitty to live in Italy + be a collector of any kind and rely on this kinda service to get your stuff

To date 2 items I have refunded over many years. the first was a tracked 1st class bubble mailer I put in a drop box that never got scanned for a month and the second was an envelope where the delivery address was partially removed in the mechanical sorting system, luckily it was returned to me.
So now because of situation 1 I always take my items inside a physical building an pass it to an employee getting an acceptance receipt and situation 2 has been resolved by placing a piece of 2" clear tape over the address on a standard envelope.

I barely sell (even though I have over 5,000 duplicated bulk I want to sell one day… Not enough time - and mainly motivation - though). With the things I did sell I never had to deal with scammers, and only once had a lost package to French for which I refunded the buyer 40 euros.

I have lost some money due to scamming sellers a few times, though… :confused: