How much money is put in pokemon cards every day?

Has anyone succeeded in finding out how much money is actually put in pokemon cards on an average day?

Let me explain, so for obvious reasons instore retail sales, FB sales, private sales etc… can’t be included so we can’t have a definitive answer to exactly how much cash is pumped in the market on an average day. But I’m sure with bots/tools now days we could have a minimum baseline using sales data of raw/sealed/graded cards from online sites such as TCG player/TNT/Big Box stores/Ebay/smaller online stores/(auction houses potentially) etc…

As said before i don’t think it’s possible to have a definitive answer but it would be cool to see a minimum baseline.

at least 3


Yeah that would be pretty cool to know, probably can’t track FB/IG/private sales, but wonder if eBay/pwcc publishes any of it (also graded card companies grading costs?)

So with using tools/bots it could potentially be possible to track sold data on a large level from these online stores. I think if you include grading costs it will skew the data and what’s to say you shouldn’t include sleeves and card savers at that point and whole lot of other stuff?

I wish we could just ask the IRS bc they could probably tell us pretty quickly

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Pokemonprice attempts to track graded card data. This would be psa alone. Add in all raw, sealed, other grading companies. Plus the data often has errors/issues but gives ideas of trends possibly.

Thanks for that was mainly wanting to know if anyone has attempted to make a complete data list but this does help



a bit high

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Thanks for the link, it’s very interesting.

One remark, which is quite astonishing to see the sharp sales volume decrease since beginning of January, it seems that the sales pretty much collapse to pre boom era…

One way to interpret would be that there is less buyers , and if you combine that with huge printing (& stocks accumulating from all retailers)… just wondering what would be the outcome…

It could also explain why Pokemon is moving to more “print to demand” which is what they have done/doing PC Brilliant stars ETB, PC Astral radiance ETB and pokemon Go products…

Looks like we are heading toward a pokemon recession ?

To the question of this thread, my answer will be aligned with the chart … less than any other times (80-90% less).

Part of that is due to the site owner not updating the data.


“sharp sales volume decrease” is likely largely affected by the sharp increase of cost of living. what was once excess money for hobbies is turning into gas, food, rent, etc.

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I must say that I’ve recently found again joy in the hobby and started buying again. The cards I’m currently buying are much cheaper than the ones I bought in 2020/2021 but the volume of my purchases has greatly increased. Really enjoying the hobby again after the two years of collector’s hell.



This is the only true answer.

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On eBay alone for Pokemon related items over the last 365 days there has been 366 million in sales with an average sale price of $46.88 per item sold.


Awesome data point. There is so much money that exchanges hands in Pokémon.
Other points of sales that would be challenging to estimate:

  • TCG player
  • Troll and Toad
  • PWCC/Goldin/Heritage, etc.
  • Private deals (cash meet ups)
  • Semi-private sales (invoice through PayPal)
  • Retail (Walmart, Target, etc.)
  • Now factor in Japan, wouldn’t even know where to start.
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So eBay alone was $1 million/day so it’s easily 10s of millions every day factoring in all of those other places.

This isn’t just me right haha

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