How much for Korean Base Porygon?


I want to make a buy post in the sale section but I’m not really sure what to set my price at.

How much should I expect to pay for a 1st edition & unlimited Korean Base Porygon?

Also anyone has an idea for a price on a 1st edition Chinese Base Porygon as well that would be fantastic

Thanks :blush:

Just offer 50.00 bucks for all 3 delivered and you wouldn’t be far off.


Pretty hard to state a price. Chinese 1st as well as Korean 1st and UED are all three pretty hard to find in general. They were also the only three Base Set Pikachus I bought in PSA-9 graded instead of ungraded, because I couldn’t find them ungraded at all. I paid about 50 USD each for the 1st Chinese and 1st Korean Pikachus, and 110 USD for the UED Korean two years ago. Note that they were graded PSA-9, and they were also Pikachus instead of Porygons.

With these three Base sets it’s not really a matter of the right price (unless you overpay excessively), it’s more a matter of finding them for sale in the first place. If I have to give a price-estimation that is based on close to nothing, I’d say:

  • 1st edition Chinese Base Porygon NM/M ungraded: 10-35 USD
  • 1st edition Korean Base Porygon NM/M ungraded: 10-35 USD
  • unlimited edition Korean Base Porygon NM/M ungraded: 15-55 USD

I realize the ranges are pretty large, because I honestly can’t really give a good estimation for them. They are almost never for sale, especially not ungraded. Your best bet might be buying them from someone who has large bulks of them, or recently opened a Korean/Chinese Base Set booster box (in which case they probably ask around the lower side of the ranges I gave).


agreed with chinese and korean 1st edition but korean unlimited is whoever is willing to sell one i think