How many participants were at Worlds 2004?

Hey all! Been trying to hunt down English/Japanese copies of the 2004 World promo with the ‘Worlds 2004’ stamp and have been finding it difficult. What I found was it was the only year where they had a un-stamped version for spectators and the stamped version was given out in sets of 9 (one for each language) to each of the participants of Worlds.

This brings me to the question, how many people participated in 2004 Worlds? You’d think there’d be a tournament report of some kind with that info, but I came up empty handed when looking around.

EDIT: I realize I used where instead of were in the title, please ignore my typo :sob:

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For 310 members in attendance (not including staff members), there sure is not a lot of tropical 2004 popping up…

Like none. All the pop reports are in the single digits. There are two PSA 9 in other languages and one ungraded set for $800 on ebay currently, but other than that I couldn’t even find recent sale dates for PSA 10’s.

Ended up picking up a PSA 10 Italian for $80, but still keeping my eye out for an English or Japanese PSA 10.

I dug out my archives and for reference (if it’ll help you) is that I started looking at the tropical wind series since early 2017, and actively seeking them (like checking on a daily basis) beginning October 2017. I got my PSA 9 2004 Tropical Wind in January 2018, and I got the complete set in October 2018. It was an extremely long due process.

For another reference, another member here started trying to find it beginning of December 2017 (for the Japanese one), and bought the only copy available on ebay (that was listed for months) around Oct 2018.

The fact there’s a set on ebay at the moment would have blown me away a few years back, because it was by far the hardest card to find (harder than the 1999 a few years ago).

@nuttun, That’s actually really good to know, keeps my expectations in check. Will add it to the daily search list!

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Good luck! If you ever need any suggestions or help, feel free to ask! :grin: