How many base set boxes are left?

Hey guys, any educated guesses on how many unlimited base set boxes are left in existence? Feels like a lot but…

Less than 1k?
3k - 5k?
5k - 10k?

Keen to hear people’s thoughts! Thanks :blush:

English unlimited? Just making rough estimate; less than 1-2k. I know there are some stashes in the US and those are taken into account. I’ve been looking at & for base boxes constantly over the last 5 years and when I compare that number in my mind to a lot of other items (of equal demand) that I try to find it jives well.

My guess would be the 3 to 5 thousand range option. That isn’t an educated guess though, thats simply just a I think it could be that guess.

Less than 1-2k? No way in hell. I got raked over the coals by claiming that there were likely fewer than 500 EX Deoxys boxes left. And let’s just say that VERY conservatively there are at least 50x as many Unlimited Base boxes left as EX Deoxys boxes. Very, very conservatively. I doubt that anyone would disagree with me on this. In actuality, it’s probably closer to 500x than 50x.

Regardless, I’d bet on somewhere between 10k and 100k. Broad range, but I think it’s a safe bet.


No less than 10k

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Over 10k easily.

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I’m thinking you’re right, though there’s no easy way to prove it. There must be tons of boxes left still… I highly doubt the majority of those boxes are going to become available anytime soon, though.

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3 years ago it was thought that there were hundreds of gem Skyridge Charizards waiting to be graded.

Years and years of scouring the market, evaluating each facet of collectible, but what do I know :blush: Better to say 10k to 1 million. It’s a safer bet! Unless you’re just being dramatic?

About three fiddy


I’m not being dramatic. I wouldn’t be that surprised if there were 100k boxes left. I’d be surprised if there were 1 million. While 100k is more than I’d expect, it’s not an implausible figure. The set was printed into the ground. So much so that 10 years after it was printed, boxes were still worth MSRP.

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Bro, I like you man, but there’s no way in hell it’s anywhere remotely close to 100,000.

In one year, we saw the price of a sealed box rise from $3,000 to $30,000. If people were gonna sell their boxes, the past few months would’ve been the time. Sure there were a lot of sales of these boxes, but not nearly enough to indicate six figures-worth. I would be completely floored if the amount exceeded 10,000. If I were a betting man, I’d safely estimate between 1-5,000.

As for EX series sets, I’d venture that every single one has under 1,000 sealed boxes left. Some may be sub-100.


bout tree fity


I really don’t know where to start. That 100k number is out in left field from me. Again, I assume we’re talking about English Unlimited print. I’d be more open to an estimate of up to 5k, if someone were able to provide a reference to a stash I don’t already know about.

This numbers game is really just a fun guesstimate for me. I’m not interested in an argument. There’s no actual answer to this question.

I just love the confidence these numbers are being thrown around when there’s absolutely no way to know. Probably somewhere between 100 and 100k


It’s unreasonable to be confident that there are more than 10k boxes left? I think that should be an insanely safe assumption.

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Emphasis on insane. What’s the evidence?

not enough for everyone who want one for sure.


I don’t think it’s insanely safe to assume there are more than 10k left. It might be true, but I wouldn’t say it is common sense.

If we were magically told that the correct answer is 3893, I’d say yeah that sounds reasonable. I could justify that number in my mind because I’d compare it to
(1) The population of PSA 10 Base Unlimited Charizards
(2) How frequently PSA 10 Base Unlimited Charizards are sold
(3) How frequently Base boxes are sold

I think the annual volume of box transactions exceeds PSA 10 Charizard. 6-8x more volume of boxes? That could be right, I’m not sure.

So if someone told me there are 6-8x more sealed boxes remaining vs. PSA 10 Charizards, I’d say yeah I believe it.

NOTE: I’m not actually speculating here on how many boxes there are. I obviously have no clue. I’m just saying why I could believe the number is under 10k.

There’s no conclusive evidence. But I’d argue it’s prima facie. The burden of evidence should be on the person saying it’s under 10k. I think it’s more speculative to claim that there are fewer than 10k boxes than to claim that there are more than 10k.