How do YOU collect/invest?

So obviously, there is no one perfect or correct strategy when collecting Pokemon cards and investing in them, but my question is, what plan (if you have one) do you employ when doing so?

Do you work on entire sets? Do you just seek out Pokemon you like? Do you just look for good deals and jump on them when you see them regardless of species/set? Do you do something else?

I personally do a little bit of all three and probably lean more toward taking advantage of opportunity by getting right on good deals.

How do you go about making your collection? :blush:

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I only collect cards that are consider holy grails. The way I see it, spending 200 on a normal card is a waste of money because that’s 200 that could’ve gone towards something special and before making a purchase I always ask myself if this card will still be as collectible 10, 20, 30 years down the road.

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for me it’s also a bit of a mix really. I’ll work on my magikarp collection, I do try to get certain sets but then there are also random cards I just like specifically that’ll get. And when I see a good deal I know I’ll be able to profit from I just can’t resist XD

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Personally, I tend to go after “Marquee” English set cards graded 9 or 10. Currently this means finishing my gold star set, then going after Shinings. Although I also collect PSA 10 old ex cards.


Base, Jungle and Fossil allll the wayyyy



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I buy any and every Pikachu, Seviper and Mimikyu card I don’t have yet, even if it’s 4x overpriced (to some extend). But I sometimes buy very cheap auctions from YJ to re-sell, or just singles I really like for my main collection (if the price is right).



I collect what I truly desire and don’t buy anything over $500. I’m more in it for the love and fun of collecting, never planned on hitting the jackpot with this.


I’ve forfeited the idea that I’ll ever make serious money off of this hobby. I think the true investment potential in Pokemon came and went years ago, so it’s better to see it for what what it really is to me, a hobby. I just buy what I find desirable for the best price I can, so down the road I won’t be disappointed when no one wants to buy my Japanese cardboard. There’s always the off-chance that I make some money off the cards in the future but that’s just a cherry on top of everything.

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I’m not in it for the money, just my passion and love for Pokémon, I collect mainly Espeon Umbreon and Sylveon cards but have a ton of different things that i got just cause i liked them (sets, singles/graded).

Why? Helps keep stuff positive when there seemingly isn’t much :blush: (without going too much in detail)

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I tend to go for cards that I think looks visibly appealing. Usually it’s full art cards like Double Crisis’ Kyogre and Groudon.

I don’t collect with the intention to make money at all personally… Sometimes I buy cards to flip but only occasionally if it’s a great deal, I probably sell maybe one item every month or two. Any money I do make goes into my collection anyway and if it’s not worth anything at the end at least I can say the hobby made my life a lot more enjoyable than before I started up again.


Very simple, I buy why I want and why makes me happy within my price range. I usually try to be as frugal as possible, and if that means getting a lower grade of a card I want and having more money left over for another card then so be it! As I have said before, I buy the cards, not the grade. Honestly, but what makes you happy, and make your money somewhere else :blush:

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I started with the idea of investing while I collect. So I would be buying some doubles here and there and sell them in the future. But I’ve changed my mind. It’s really difficult to make money in the hobby unless you are a store or something like that. Now I think I’ll only collect :blush:

Regarding what I collect… I like sets the most, but I also buy some promo cards that I like and that are not within any set.

As my dad says “Every hobby is worth what the crazy one pays for it”, so if I pay 5000 euro for a piece of card board, I think the card is worth that. But my tax agent, the bank, my pension fund and college loan probably don’t agree with it and value it as 0.

I only buy what I want for my collection, which is restricted to Bulba-Ivy-Venusaur. And only Japanese, English and Dutch (which is Base Set only). I know I’ll never be able to obtain e.g. the Snap promo and I have peace with it. [EDIT] Gotta point out; I collect everything as a play-set (so 4x) with the idea of having 3 of each card in binder and one graded by PSA in near or far future.

The only thing I buy as ‘investment’ are Charizards. No matter what set, condition etc. if I can grab a Zard for a price I’m ok with. I’ll buy it, sleeve it and store it. Because at some point I know I’ll come across that one guy needing that one Zard and I know I can liquidate and/or trade it for something I need.

Investing in sealed product is a ship long sailed for me (I should’ve bought less retro games and vinyl records in college…)

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Evolutions will be worth picking up one day :wink: I think people are really underestimating the interest in the set, people with no interest in the hobby buy it and for the next few years it will be the gateway drug for people getting into the hobby. It’s going to be really interesting to see what happens because even though it has a low EV it’s distinct from any other set which has been released.

You should only ‘invest’ in Pokemon cards if you have money sitting in a bank account which you don’t plan to use for anything else. May as well buy cardboard that will appreciate faster than cash which appreciates at a bank’s savings i/r or the returns on an ETF or REIT.

Investing in collectables with such a stable market like Pokemon has is a ‘lazy’ form of investment because there’s almost no risk involved, they can’t be replicated and (this is the most important part) relative to financial instruments you have to do almost no research that needs to be done before you pull the trigger.

You trade lower returns for less risk and work. If you’re ok with that then buy $10k worth of PSA 10 1st WotC Charizards and hold them for 5 years.

Finally; someone who agrees with me! Haha I’m still a firm believer that Evolutions Boosters will be a solid investment - assuming you are willing and able to play the very long term waiting game!

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I just collected whatever I like.
I started with yugioh (few very rare expensive cards)
then hero collection (highest rarity/1st ed)
few months ago, I started working on my Abra, Kadabra, and Alakazam collection since they are my favorite pokemon
Gimme all your Alakazam right now!


My philosophy for collecting is


Buy Low. Sell Never.