How do I find PSA POP and Reg for Japanese cards

Hi peeps! I’m just wondering how do I get into the PSA Registry lists on PSA Official site for Japanese 1st edition ex cards and old school sets, so I can see peoples awesome collections, and PoP numbers. I can’t find anything but english stuff.

If you can find existing examples of card serial numbers then the PSA phone app is the way to go, you put the serial number into the app and it comes up with the number at that grade, total population and how many cards that are at a higher population, the only problem is you can’t view individual grade numbers or see sets as one.

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When you go to PSA Population Report, select Non-sport cards. Then select the year you want to look at. You should see the English cards under Pokémon and the Japanese cards under Pokémon Japanese. Some of the 1998 Masaki’s are under P.M. Vending. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, it’s probably under Pokémon cards instead of Non-sport cards.


Holy crap theres only 6 psa 10 1st ed charizard ex 1st ed, 4 Blastoise 1st ex, and 2 Venusaur ex, and I have 1 of each!! Can’t wait till My flight of legends comes back this month to see if I get the birds in 10 and stuff… What ever I dont get, I get another shot in next submission Muhahaha. Hey guys it looks like I was the first person to have the umbreon ex in japanese 1st ed in 10, but now Pokemonmaster 556 has one to so there be 2!

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