How to Use PSA Pop report

Ok so I’m having a terrible time using the PSA Pop report. It seems to have a ton missing. For instance, if you try to go to Pokemon cards>2001>Promos, there’s only one card listed. What?? I have to be doing something wrong. Any help would be great thanks.

Search by characters name and you’ll see all graded cards of that dude.
Otherwise, just keep searching around and you’ll figure it out:)

I’ll echo that sentiment.

Your best bet is going to be searching for individual cards. You can even be so generic as to put the Pokemon’s name alone. I often find this to be my favorite method of searching as I see other interesting results in addition to my desired information.

Try this and see if it works for you. If not, I’ll try and be of further help.

Ok thanks so much for the tip! Turns out if you search for instance for pikachu within the “pokemon card” tab it pulls up barely any results, but if you search within the entire pop report without going into pokemon it pulls up a lot more. They must have just given up on categorizing them after awhile or something. But glad to finally know how to use it. Thanks for the help!

You just have to search under ‘non-sport cards’ if you want to go that way. But to make it easier like Gary said just search by name and you will find everything you need… I guess this is what you were looking for?