How badly did I screw up on this snipe bid?

So I broke one of my rules with ebay which is always, ALWAYS read the description before making a purchase.

I was doing my daily search for Gyarados cards when I saw an English Gyarados Gold Star with low bids. It had less than a minute to go and was only bidding for 20 bucks and looked to be in excellent condition. I didn’t want to miss the chance to get a snipe bid and was able to do it just in time. I took a good look at the picture, made my bid, and won.

But now I read the description and it says it’s in “played” condition. I’ve never bought from this seller before, but from looking at their other items, they always specify the condition with Buy It Now cards, but this was an exception.

So I don’t know what the back looks like but the front of the card looks really good and I can’t see any major flaws that would suggest it’s in anything but Excellent to Near Mint condition.

So did I screw up? I fear what the back looks like, but I also fear getting a card that looks nothing like the card in this picture, but unable to ask for a refund because the description has it as “played”. I broke that one rule and I feel I may be kicking myself for it.


It’s eBay. Honestly, if you wanted to return it, you could.


I guess I ask because I’ve never really returned anything or had any reason to. But if you say that so simply, I trust it. :stuck_out_tongue: Was just a bit worried why the offers were so low and read the description. Who knows, I’ll keep my fingers crossed and this will be in better condition than described.

It looks good to me.
If you get it and its nothing like the photo you have grounds for a return easily.
Good get i reckon! never get these types of things on ebay aus!
Let us know how it goes!


What are some of the excuses I hear… people who blame their children.

My little baby son hit buy on the item by accident… could you please cancel it


I’m sorry I don’t want to pay international shipping, can you cancel the item.

You can just say how the item was misleading, the photographs we’re unclear, and you have changed your mind.

Changing your mind is a legitimate excuse by ebay policy… lol


If I’m in your shoes, I would take the card. In fairness to the seller, he disclosed the condition of the card and wasn’t at fault in this instance. Just me two cents. Cheers!


Yeesh. I sell cards every once in a while, but I had no idea what you guys who sell all the time have to go through. If it’s that easy to return, I imagine there’s a lot of grief you guys get. >_<

This makes me feel better though so I appreciate the feedback. I’ll definitely let you guys know!

Hmm. That is a good and valid point. I guess I’m also used to more advertising in the title of the description where most sellers describe the condition, so I guess that’s why I was leaning towards a refund in this instance.

But not skipping around the bush, this was my fault through and through, however, if the picture is not of the actual item sent to me, THEN I feel justified in making a return.

I agree…a bids a contract unless misrepresented. He showed pic and stated played. You gotta accept it;)


I’ll diverge here.

If they auction a card in a sleeve, leave one ambiguous sentence to describe it, and don’t show the back, then you have every right to return the card if it’s got damage that wasn’t apparent in the picture. A bid is a contract unless misrepresented, like Gary said, and this isn’t good representation.

But you need to be returning it for that reason: not because you regret it. Assuming you return it at all. I’d be more forgiving than usual on condition, but I wouldn’t take whatever they send me just because of the reasons stated so far.


Whats that line?

“if you cant see the back of the card, your gunna have a bad time” lol

Honestly if I was in your position, i’d contact the seller stating your concern about the condition and express that you sincerely overlooked the description in the listing. Ask for additional photos and see if the seller if willing to be responsible and cater to customer needs. If the condition is truly horrendous then be straight up and just ask to cancel. I get that its annoying to the seller or whatever, but if they are unresponsive or unwilling to work with you then thats just not a good seller, definitely not one that I’d buy from again.

Plus, as a seller myself, I’d MUCH rather have a buyer cancel before I send the item out than after… a return would be a big ol waste of time for both ends

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Technically though, if you back out it is breach of contract :slightly_frowning_face:

I would try to contact them before they ship and say that you misread the description. If you mention it is your mistake and that you are willing to purchase the card if they must keep the sale, 9 times out of 10 they will sympathize with you as it has happened to most of us. That saves time for everyone, too.

I agree. I hate it way more wen buyers don’t communicate at all and just don’t pay. If I get a message I’m more than happy to work with the buyer even if it means canceling the order or deferring payment. I like to think ebay still holds some of its mutual buyer - seller trust that got the site going in the first place

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It’s not like “in played condition” was hidden in the description. It was the entire description.

I’d say if it’s an auction style listing simply honor your bid. If it’s fixed price, tell the seller right away you made a mistake and ask for you bid to be forgiven. What’s the difference? I think most of you know and it would take too long to explain here.


So yeah, this is a hard lesson learned for me. The seller responded to my message and provided pictures of the card, describing that the front looks really good, but the back has some obvious edgewear and their’s a slight curvature of the card itself. These are the pictures they provided:

I’d still rate this as Very Good to low-end “Excellent” condition. It’s not as bad as I feared, but I wouldn’t normally accept this condition into my collection.

I did the right thing and accepted the card in good faith and just decided to take the hit as a lesson. I’m sure I can sell the card in the future and replace it. The seller was more than communicative with me and everything is as described. It’s not the best description, and it could have been a bit more clear, but I don’t sense any ill intent that would suggest they were trying to swindle me.


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Well done Azul. You handled this perfectly.

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The edgewear isn’t tooo bad and the curvature wont matter too much once it’s in a binder. I reckon it looks like a solid card, definitely resellable if need be.

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Thanks, Gary. :blush:

And yeah, it does look much better than I feared, so I’m glad for that. It’ll look good in a binder. :blush:

I really appreciate all the advice everyone gave, but I’m especially appreciative of the advice of you mainstay sellers who deal with this kind of thing every day. I don’t sell often enough to know that kind of side, so it added some good perspective that I needed so I could limit my own self interests and see the other point of view.

This seller was quick with their reply, was upfront and honest, and was very polite in their response, even at the expense of me sounding like I might want a refund.

So in a way, I feel better despite me losing out on the condition of the card. Learned something more about respect and perspective.

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