Hey dos any one want to Trade for Rare * cards

I have the following cards availble for trade

#1: Giratina Lv.70 28\127 Rare, Reverse holo

#2: Lopunny Lv.40 21\99 Rare, holo

#3: Deoxys Normal Forme Lv. 50 1\146 everse holo

#4: Deoxys Speed Forme Lv.50 26\146 Rare, non-holo

#5: Conkeldurr 65\101 Rare, pure holo

#6: Volcarona 21\101 Rare, non-holo

#7: Dialga Lv.68 16\106 Rare, non-holo

#8: Chandelure 20\99 Rare, Reverse holo

pokemon card# rarety hologragicness

i will update this as i go please reply if you want any of the obove and i will try to make a bargin. when replying ad the card you want and what you are willing to trade i will try to pm you as quick as i can