gym hero card set

i just recently received the complete common and uncommon cards from this series… ( apart from trainers)
so if any1 have rares/holo rares or trainers they want to trade just look at what i have to offer…

Blissey Prime HS series

Bottom half Ho-Oh x2

Latios HS promo x2

Latias x1

Meoth reverse holo legendary collection

Smeargle HS series

Smeargle holo Ex unseen forces

xatu HS series

Pikachu HS series promo x4

Milotic C holo

Toxicroak HS series holo

Arceus… fire 1

1st ed?

ummm for now yeah ill go for english and i dnt mind if there 1st ed or not… but imm guna put more cards up for trade soon… just need to sought through them all and ill put up a link

I got koga 1st ed holo
and geovony holo

are you looking for a trade or sell??

im hapy to do both

I would rather sell