cards for trade

heres just a little list of cards i have for trade

blissey prime
steelix prime
donphan prime*
japanese dragonair base set ( non holo)
bottom of entai and raikou… (for a good trade)
HS pikachu promo x3
HS reverse holo of uxie*
HS reverse holo azelf*
fire arceus
HS latios promo
blaziken FB holo
Arcanine G holo
HS arcanine holo
HS octillery holo
HS clefable Holo
Electrode G reverse
ruins of alph Reverse
Milotic C holo
sudowoodo holo… (not sure what set its from)
Toxicroak holo (arceus set i thnk)
crobat holo (neo set) probs nm condition
Xatu holo.
snorlax holo emerald set
smeargle holo HS
meoth reverse holo legendary collection
top of entei and suicune

please note that i am in aus.
and postage to me can be quite crap lol
as soon as i get the cards i send straight away.
if use have a youtube account ill make a proof video for use and also put you on my trusted traders list (so far i have non lol)
also the cards with the star next to the are in a current trade
but if it does not work out ill put them back up here
so give me an offer and i only collect from these series
Base, Fossil, Jungle, team rocket and gym heroes.
also all cards are mint condition and if there not up to your standards please list why and i may do refunds (only if its understandable) so msg me with an offer on what cards and have a nice day :grin: