Help My Shiba Inu "RED" Recover

Hey everyone,

My family and I are recently going through a stressful hardship. Our family dog aka third child, got ran over crossing the street last Wednesday. We ended up paying around 1000$ the first night of the incident. But our little guy is in need of more medicine, xrays, and stability care which we cannot afford so he is at home possibly internally bleeding. If you guys can take the time to donate either a “share” or a buck it will be greatly appreciated.

-Martinez Family
(Here is the link to our fundraiser)

As a fellow Shiba owner and obsessive dog person, I’m genuinely sorry to hear this mate.
Is he experiencing any visible pain? The possibility of internal bleeding is a big deal. I really hope that’s not that case and recovers quickly.

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First of all, I am really sorry that this has happened to your family. I know how important a pet can be, and how close a family can get to those pets. My family had a cat called Missy that me and my siblings literally grew up with and the day she died was a big blow to us all. So you have my sympathies about your dog getting hit.

However, if you cannot afford further treatment and your dog is in constant pain and possibly deteriorating further from internal bleeding. Then I urge you to have the dog put down. Yes, the situation sucks, but it is unfair and cruel to keep an animal alive when it’s quality of life is so severely diminished.

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Thanks to a bunch of caring and loving Shiba Inu parents my family and I were able to raise enough money for Red’s medical bills. Here are some awesome pics of him fully recovered.


Good to hear mate.

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Thanks @snap I’m extremely thankful that he is back to tip-top shape.

This thread made me incredibly sad then happy!

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That is LITERALLY how I feel.