So I’m going to be getting a 3DS for a few games coming out…
I’m thinking between a few choices for 3DS.

Boring old standard 3DS

Animal Crossing 3DS Bundle Pack

I’m swaying towards the bundle, but the price is about $100 more, and you can only get it online.
What do you suggest and why?
The standard 3DS I can get locally and I know that I am getting something (please! I don’t want to be an ebay casualty to bricks in PSP cases)

Why Don’t you get this:

or this

I personally would not get the animal crossing one.

I’m a longtime animal crossing fan though

New Leaf costs approximately $40. One thing you must consider is that the 3DS in the bundle is an XL one. A regular XL 3DS costs about $20 less than this bundle. Assuming shipping is $20, you will break even if you get this bundle online versus a regular XL 3DS plus the game (except one has a cooler design).

Assuming that a regular sized 3DS is $100 cheaper, as you say, it will cost you an extra $60-$80 for this bundle versus a regular 3DS. So the question now becomes, is the larger screen and AC design worth an extra $60-$80?

Let me know when you get New Leaf! We can play together. :blush:

I personally would go with the bundle as I think it’s a better overall deal.

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I heard 3DS’s pixel image is larger…
Can anyone confirm?