So I just got a 3ds XL

I haven’t played A Nintendo console properly since my old Game Boy colour with Pokemon Silver. Very very briefly had a DS with Pokemon black but never got around to playing it properly.

I’ve wanted a 3DS for a while now so took the plunge and bought a **new** 3DS XL with Omega.

My first thoughts:

Why oh why did Nintendo not supply any charger with the console? I had to settle for an aftermarket one that was sold in the shop that I got the console from. Apparently even though there’s a minor difference in voltage compared to the official charger it should work fine.

Secondly what is with the god awful naming and branding of the console?! To just call it a 3DS and stick new at the beginning of it is just confusing to me (at first) and nearly every shop I went to when looking for a decent deal.

Apart from that, the console is brilliant and I’m addicted to the game (Pokemon Omega) already!

As a complete newbie to the 3DS can you guys share some other games worth getting? Once I’ve completed Omega, is it worth getting X or Y? Is it that much different to Alpha/Omega? :blush:

Try Pokemon shuffle (free from Nintendo store)

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Get X/Y. It is the best Pokemon main-series game I have played and was incredibly revolutionary when it was released. You’ll love it!

Pokemon rumble is super addicting… It’s also free in the Nintendo store


Mine came with them.

So did mine lol.
Did you buy a refurbished one?

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For me, that is an understatement.

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Pokemon on the game boy is far to addicting.I have too many distractions as it is lol would love to play pokemon again not done it for 14 year lol:-(

All the “new” 3DS consoles do not come with a charger. Why this is, is beyond me.


Metal Slug 7 (DS game but still works on 3DS), Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask, Super Smash Bros.

dude. pokemon on the 3ds is amazing. replayability is simply what makes this game so great. there is just so much to do and it is such a simple concept. "Wanna collect pokemon? It will take months to evolve, trade up from other games, and find some of the rarer ones. This is what I did. Had to use a few emulators and whatnot to get some all the way from GBA to the 3ds This was before the recent remakes were out. The event pokemon kinda suck since you have to sorta cheat to get them. I had one pokemon of almost all of them. You can go shiny hunting, wondertrade, train special teams, battle. I sorta overplayed XY recently though and I have been burned out. Nintendo has really done a great job keeeping this series fun.


Black and White 2 > Black and White > X/Y > OR/AS

X/Y and OR/AS are a step down from Generation 5, X/Y was enioyable but OR/AS is the first Pokemon game I have ever had to force myself to finish.

I couldn’t stomach any of Black/White.

It was confusing and just rubbish in my eyes. I enjoyed XY but really craved more post game.

Oh man I hope the 20th Anni games will be amazing. Take me back to Kanto and Johto…

Black and White 2 would be among the Pokemon games I would choose for the quintessential Pokemon experience. Awesome setting, healthy mix of Pokemon across all Generations. Cool antagonist (Colress), and some actually decent backstory to Black/White Kyurem.

Obviously opinions etc.

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Since when?

Since the release of them. I’m specifically talking about the ones marketed as the “New 3DS”.

Hmm… That seems like poor planning on Nintendo’s behalf


When I asked the guy at EB Games why they did this, he said “Nintendo is banking on people already having charging cables”.

Terrible idea.

idiots… reminds me of when microsoft assumed every single person who played xbox was online 24/7


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