Happy Pokemon Day 2017!

What’s everyone doing to celebrate? It’s crazy thinking about how time flies… Pokemon has now been around for 21 years! Pikachu is old enough to be able to drink in the US now! Maybe that’s why they’re out in force with them party hats on Pokemon Go. :grin:

Time for me to go out to catch some. :blush:



Happy pokemon day! going to open boosters and watch the anime :blush:


Its crazy how the 20th anniversary was already a year ago! :tada:


I can’t get over how old we are getting :sob: lol!
As part of the celebration, Pokemon Go has a special Pikachu with a hat until March 6th and the Pokemon Center just added these today now if they were more like Amiibos…


I haven’t seen a partychu Yet.

Happy Pokémon DayTo celebrate, I will play Pokémon and Pokémon Go.

Oh wait! I do that everyday.

Yeah, tell me about it​:weary: :confused:


Isn’t it great when youngsters complain about getting old? :stuck_out_tongue:


Wait lol. Are you calling us youngsters lol?

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Classic 90’s scene:

Wish I was 5 again :pensive:

So I can collect Pokémon all over!

Gary pop out the time machine!

(We all know you travel back in time to open that one Charizard rich Base Set booster box over and over to bring back to the present!)

*Retro “futuristic” music!*

Haha…that’s hilarious :rofl:

If you don’t get a senior citizen discount, you’re a youngster.

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Happy Pokemon Day everyone! Also the one year anniversary of the day I decided I didn’t like having money anymore and got back into collecting. Here’s to many more!


I really like that answer :wink: !

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