Happy birthday to Waynegg!

Just noticed it was your birthday. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Are you getting lots of Pokémon stuff today?

Happy birthday wayne! ;D :blush: ;D

happy b day :blush:

Thanks guys! I got 2 Hot Wheels VW Drag Trucks I needed (I’m trying to get every one that is ever put out). So far I haven’t missed a single one and have several that are in the $500+ range. I also got some arms, skulls, bases, and a couple of complete models so I can finally finish my Warhammer Army. And Pokemonmike sent me one of the Pokemon Day Pikachus I need to finish that part of my son’s collection as well as some Uxies for decks.

All in all not bad I gotta say!