Happy Birthday Scott!

No one else noticed?


Happy birthday!
Also happy birthday to tyranitrawrrr. :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy Birthday Scott - you’re my hero ;D

Thanks guys, I really appreciate it! The best message so far was from a new member who joined to just sell. Here is his brilliant birthday message:

“How old are you? Got your dick wet yet? Talk about poke’nazi. Go fucky yourself and your store is shit. Fucking nerd. Get laid. Got a real job? Or mommy gave you the OK to sell shitty pokemon cards while you receive government welfare? You’re a joke, Also learn to spell.”

The memebers name is: zerkd

Here is his email address: aaronc08@live.com

Also, here is a site that I was led to upon googling his email: www.bebo.com/Profile.jsp?MemberId=495902967

I will let him stay on here a couple days so people can get to know him better.

Happy Birthday! :grin: And that member needs to be trashed :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday Scott!
I hope you have a great day.

I thought that message would have been quite nice when you said the best message… How wrong was I, I didn’t catch the sarcasm!

Guys, don’t think it’s smart to post info such as email-address and all that.

It is if he deserves it. :wink:
Plus it’s both the admins posting it so he can’t do anything about it.

Where did you get the email address?
It’s not public on his UPCCC account.

@frosty: He may deserve it, but whether you’re an admin or not, you’re not supposed to give away private info.
Now it’s a different story if he made it public himself, but I don’t see his email on this website.

Happy birthday scott! ;D

Oh wow…what an ass. Definitely uncalled for, especially on ones birthday. Jealousy is ugly.

Although true, (and I am certainly not defending that guy) but I have to agree with laatst.

on a side note here is his signature that he did make public:
“I’m a massive dick who is so spoilt that mummy bought me a BMW.”

Well if he dishes out insults it out at least he does not forget to include himself :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy Birthday, Scott :heart::heart:

Wow that kid is a jerk… x(

Happy Birthday Scott!

Anyone else see me on the gym with my rant? >__>

Thanks everyone for the positive messages!

And just to let everyone know, the only reason I posted that scumbags email is because it is public on his bebo and fb page.

Another year older, another year closer to the hair on your palms being caused by completely different reasons! Have a great one!


email addresses and FB pages aren’t protected private information anyhow. that’s why spam exists…

Exactly! And I had a good laugh about the palm hair. If only getting older were like leveling up in pokemon.

Happy birthday! I hope you “got your dick wet” today :wink: