(I do not own any of these cards)

16 Days Later

Just a simple $8,135 increase in “Value”

“How can you NOT make money with such a Brilliant Idea?!”
-Fish Anchor

We are truly living in Clown World right now.



they see 10 and neurons activate :rofl:


This is the reason why I wouldn’t go to CGC. The main reason people would grade with CGC is because they were harder to get 10s and now they gave every single 9.5 an amesty 10? That’s a bad look in my opinion. They don’t even have a pop report for TCGs, so we won’t even know how many 9.5s went to 10.

Personally, I would never go with CGC unless it’s to grade errors, at least until PSA can grade errors like they do.


Thank you for the idea… Here is your Meme good Sir


glad to be of help!

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My thoughts exactly…

Mankey brain

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The main reason people would CGC is because they were harder to get 10s

Source? I’m pretty sure this definitely not the case lol. People loveeeeeeeee easy 10s.

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CGC astroturfers reading this topic like :eyes: :hot_face: :medal_military:


The irony of grading. Make things too tough and people lose interest.

This is proof of exactly what I’ve been saying. The grading scale change was smart because people are irrationally obsessed with 10s. The PSA gem mint market is irrational, and now the CGC gem mint market is also irrational. That’s Pokemon for you…

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The premium for a psa 10 is just the market value of that grade over time. Where cgc arbitrarily changed the number on the label. They aren’t the same.


It’s not a weird perspective. Capitalizing on irrationality that already exists is a smart business move.

The premium for a psa 10 was just the market value of that grade over time. Where cgc arbitrarily changed the number on the label. They aren’t the same.

Yup, they absolutely changed the number for money. The market is literally obsessed with 10s. That’s exactly what I’ve been saying this whole time lol.

PSA capitalizes on irrationality by giving out easy 10s, and now CGC followed suit because they’re a corporation that wants to generate profit for shareholders.


Honestly, I feel like the increases we are seeing now are more to do with speculation that CGC 10s will be worth more/closer to PSA 10 values in the future, rather than people paying for the actual service provided.

I’ll be very interested to see where CGC 10 values are in like 2 years from now, compared to their values now and the values for PSA 10s.


This is probably the new normal. Let’s bet on it :wink:

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Who would have guessed

I’m happy that I’ll be able to “upgrade” my old CGC 9.5s to 10s just to see the 10 on the label. I also feel they are PSA 10 quality cards for the most part regardless if it was 9.5 or the new 10.

In some ways as a collector this change is both good and bad. If you collected 9.5s for a while now you’re happy about it because the value on the market is higher (once re-holdered to CGC 10). But if you’re now collecting the new 10s and paying more, it’s a bit of a disappointment as a collector. Now when I am shopping for a 10, I am probably going to go for PSA 10 more often because the 9.5 value play is just not the same like it was before the changes due to price the gap closing more (less incentive basically).


At the end of the day a card graded by cgc is still a cgc card. Still doesn’t hold the premium of a psa 10 or bgs 9.5/10. But I think a lot of collectors are hoping this new grading scale/label closes that gap but that’s still yet to be seen


On eBay recently I’ve seen an early correction PSA 10 Ancient Mew go from 3k earlier this year, then 5k, now just a few weeks ago to 11k now. Thinking I’ll buy it at 11k & resell it for 20k, I’m sure there will be a buyer before I reach 50.

BGS has really fallen off the radar in Pokemon, especially since CGC came around and garnered a reputation compared to what BGS ever has in Pokemon. Personally, I don’t mind Beckett in high grades. But I would say the added premium/value in Pokemon compared to PSA or CGC is no where close at this point and people value PSA & CGC higher than BGS now even in the same grade ranges.

Of course we can always find exceptions, but this is definitely what I’ve been observing more the past while. If BGS actually did things right and built up a reputation early on, CGC probably wouldn’t even have taken off like they have, just my feeling.