Gust of Wind Japanese No-rarity difference?

Hello again,

Anyone happen to know the difference between these two cards (if any)? I was just going through my two collections and noticed my gust of wind no-rarity card has less characters than the normal one. Any other differences between the two prints?


There are no significant differences in the length of text between the No-rarity cards and normal Japanese base cards. What you have here is a quick starter gift set Gust of Wind. Since it was newer, it had different body text. Therefore it is not a no-rarity base card, but rather a much more common card.

I want to eventually make a guide to the Japanese no-rarity cards, but time is short and I haven’t even finished my other guide :slightly_frowning_face:. Time will tell.

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Ahhhh man! I had a feeling I was going to find something like that out. Oh well at least I know now! Thanks for pointing that out. I look forward to your guide if you get the time to make it (:

*Edit… darn looks my energy retrieval isn’t one either. I was wondering how I was able to get these in such great condition :slightly_frowning_face:

Left No Rarity - Right Quickstarter

Thank you very much for the photos. So I guess those 5 cards are the ones to watch out for? Also what Quickstarter deck do these come from anyways?

This is the one (with the holo kanto birds, master ball, etc):

Ah yep! That would explain it, both great condition trainer cards I have came from that deck. Thanks again for pointing this out (: