"Green PSA Labels" Custom Encapsulation

Truly an interesting story


Wow, that is a cool story. The encapsulation is meaningless without the story though haha

It definitely was an interesting story. It was a little bit annoying to watch though with the username plastered in the middle of the screen.


Holy math, yes that watermark bugged me.

I’d be extremely disappointed if I were in his shoes. Especially after being reassured they would be graded. They aren’t even the first copies to be graded, how did this happen?


The squeaky wheel gets the grease.
I’m sure after 6 months of emailing PSA, they might’ve found it a bit interesting?
I could’ve sworn though that someone else has gotten them graded?

Yeah good point. If they were sent in on a whim he may have had better luck.
I’m nearly certain I recall seeing Rusty have some in a PSA returns vid. I’ll edit this post if I can find it. Pretty sure he did mention other graded copies in the video though. Not sure. Was too distracted by the watermark (puke)


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That’s right, Rusty got his set graded couple years ago. Recently LudkinsCollectables managed to grade couple cards more, skip to 1:50 in following video.


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He said Rusty has a set graded.

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My only complaint is that they dont say “FPO” on these ones. I have no problem with waiting 6 months to get something cool like gold labels or black labels specially created for me. Which brings up my next point, PSA should allow you to pick the color of the label to allow for collection customization even if they changed an extra buck or two for this service I’m sure they’d draw in a butt load of money.

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too many uhhhhh’s in that video

It reminded me of one of the cable channels. On one of their produced programs the stupid channel logo is covering names and such.

The green looks terrible…

Never occurred to me to do green label. Perhaps I should do my Chinese EX legend makers in them until they’re possibly recognized one day? Would keep them safe.

Certainly sounds like a viable option! I’d call them and work that first before sending in.