Grading Topps Series 1 Cards?

Hello all, I am getting ready to submit my very first PSA submission and I have a few mint holo Topps Series 1 (not chrome) cards that I might like to grade. However I’m having a really hard time getting an idea of value as I don’t see many sold on eBay etc.

My question is, does anyone know a good estimate of value or if the series 1 are worth grading at all? These aren’t super desirable examples - I have a Machamp, Persian, and Nidoran (all holofoil) that I’m considering - but I think they’ll get 9s or 10s. Thanks!

Looks like PSA 10 Topps Chrome Series 1 Holos sell for 100 to 200 $, except for the most desirable ones.
Guess you could expect half of that for the normal Holos but not many collect them.