Grading Reverse Foil Legendary Collection Cards

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to get some input from everybody on this topic. I am looking to send in a few cards to PSA from the reverse foil legendary collection set. They are all mint as far as I can tell however some of them seem to contain large “print lines” that run from the bottom to the top of the card through the foil pattern. Does PSA take away points based on anyone’s past experiences with these lines?

I will attach a generic photo I got off of google for reference.

Thanks in advance :blush:

Depends entirely on the grader you get; some will dock for it others wont. I’d be annoyed to see a 10 I purchased with such a factory line in it, so it certainly takes away from value even if the grade is a 10.

Good point. Although completely subjective, I agree with you that the line certainly would take away from the overall cards appearance.

Depends on the grader in my experience. In my opinion the line does not bother me. I would pay the same price with or without it.

Thanks for your input! I wish there was more of a clear cut answer for this one, but I presumed it would be a 50/50 shot based on the grader.

Very common anomaly with LC revs is that print line, as such not such a detrimental issue in eyes of psa. More likely to get 9,but can get 10s.

Yeah it seems to be quite common as I have a few LC cards with it. Thanks for the information! Appreciate it!