Grading packs with "air holes" in them

Im considering PSA grading a few packs I bought on eBay as they look to be in good condition. No bends, creases or other damage to the pack.
However - there are those 3 puncture holes / air holes (or whatever they are called) on all the 6 packs I bought.

Does anyone have experience with grading such packs and is that just a guarantee the packs will not get 9 or 10 even though they are in good condition?

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In my experience, grading packs is a coinflip, much more so than cards. I have 10’s with the small holes on the top corners of the packs, but I’ve also seen 9/ 8’s graded straight from the box. You’re pretty much guaranteed an 8/9/10, short of you throwing the pack like a frisbee out the window of a moving car.

Short note, many others do not like the way PSA bends the flaps of the packs, so you might want to look into team bags or something of that sort, but the call it totally up to you. I don’t mind them, but I haven’t seen a significant price increase in a PSA graded pack compared to an unweighed/ blister pack.

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I once heard grading packs described like this:

“Take a bunch of wet gummy bears and throw them at the wall to see which ones stick”

(the ones that stick are the 10’s). Basically that the grading is pretty dang random.

If you care about the condition of your packs, you shouldn’t let PSA put them anywhere near an encapsulator.


^this exactly. they are just hurting the condition with bending the flap like there is no tomorrow. It is nice for presentation purposes though, but I would argue that you could get a similar result by just using a teambag + cardsaver.

I kind of like the presentation of the packs when they are encapsulated but I see your point with the condition.
The ones I bought already came in card savers and team bags - ill consider keeping them as-is.

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