Good archive of every product released ever?

Looking for a comprehensive list of all Pokemon TCG products that exist / were released.

For example, I want to know what was the first ETB ever released. How do I even begin searching for this?

In general Bulbapedia will be fairly (but probably not completely) comprehensive, they usually have a list at the bottom of the page of sets that will link to a bunch.

As for the first ETB, I just googled it and found my way to this.

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Bulbapedia is going to be your best bet, but there’s going to be some gaps and you aren’t going to find a perfect timeline of the entire product history. Most things should be documented by set and series, so you should begin your navigation from the article on all the released sets.

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Thank you both! @caughtatpoint @stagecoach,

I have the bulbapedia tcg merchandise page favorited. From there, I just click on whichever era I want and then you can find tons of information and pictures.


Serbii has a wealth of info and pictures of cards. Takes a bit to navigate around but I have found it useful:

Scroll down to the left side near the bottom for TCG info.

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