Gold-Stamped Energy Promos

Hey, I just received some gold-stamped energy promos. Some of them have 2003 in the copyright information and some have 2006 in the copyright information. Does anyone know if these are Battle Road promos? I will post some pictures tomorrow. Also, got my 2003 Victory Ring today!

Here are some recent cards I just added to my collection:

Wow! Looks like some pretty top-tier stuff there. Congrads especially on the *s… they are difficult to get in Japanese, and something about them is even more beautiful than the English ones.

Of course, the Master’s Book and Arenas are great, too. xD

Thank you, I spent a lot of money/time on buying/tracking them down.

I just love your collection! Some amazing new cards there. It’s turning out to be a really well rounded collection, congratulations!!!