More additions added :))

*updated title as I have a few more additions*

These came this morning. Sorry no scans as my scanner/printer won’t allow me to use the scanner function because there’s no ink :angry:

2003 Victory Ring + Japanese 1st Edition Suicune Gold Star:

Also, Pokemon Movie: Premium Cards Collection 2008:


No replies :sweat:

nice cards becky :blush: I love the gold star cards, but also the victory ring ist a nice one congrats! :blush:

Awwwwwwwww, give us time :wink:

I’d say that Victory Ring is one of the conditions for being an elite collector, so congrats! (well not really but its an awesome card and certainly not cheap so you’re showing a commitment).

I hope you didn’t overpay for the Movie collection sheet. It’s a gorgeous set but should be a cheap one to pick up

I always liked the victory ring…that card just does not get the credit it deserves. I still think there are more than 52, or they just change hands a lot. Very nice additions! :blush:

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96 isn’t it? Let’s just agree it’s a nice card :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh boy here comes the numbers again! I think that number actually works a lot better than 52. I also have been researching a few of the major tournaments (TMB,SSB etc…) and I’m now compiling all the info. Regardless, it is a very nice card and definitely one of my favorites!

Thanks for the comments.

Dogma, I paid $20 delivered for the movie collection.

Not bad; that’s not toooooooo expensive.

I love the movie sets. I just stared at some of my recent additions, totally lost in the art. :heart_eyes:

The victory ring has weird art though. What is that glow supposed to be?

@dogma - It’s the burning flame of passion in your soul!! :wink:

Another delivery of a few cards today. Scanner still playing up so had to take pictures :slightly_frowning_face:

1st Edition Japanese Crystal Charizard
1st Edition Japanese Crystal Ho-Oh
Japanese Crystal Lugia

The double holo effect on the Charizard and Ho-Oh is stunning!

Oooooh, I want those so bad!

Can I ask how much those cost?

Dogma, I’ve asked on several forums and I’ve had mixed opinions on whether I got them for a good price/average price or over priced.

I wasn’t sure on there value when I bought them as I never see them for sale, especially in 1st edition.

1st ED JPN Charizard is $199 and 1st ED JPN Ho-Oh is $79 on a well known site who only sel Japanese cards. Not sure about Lugia as I can’t find it for sale anywhere.

Anyway, I paid:

$165 Charizard
$70 Ho-Oh
$35 Lugia

One thing I do know, is that there hard to find for sale, well was for me.


Wowzers thats a lot!

Alot in a bad overpriced way?

If you can find either cheaper anywhere please let me know as I like having doubles of certain cards in my collection :grin:

LOL if I find them cheaper they’ll end up in mine :stuck_out_tongue:

(PS: I’m sure that’s too much - that can’t be how much they’re going for surely?)

I haven’t seen them any cheaper.

I seen the English (Unlimited as 1st edition wasn’t available in English) Crystal Chizard go for £25 2 months ago, but was described as only good condition.

I’ve been told the JPN ones are more rare than the English.

Yes, overpriced. And it was me who did the last highest bid on the ho-oh and I thought it was way too high but I desperatly wanted this card ;D and then you overbid me :wink: but congrats anyway, nice cards :blush:

Sorry about that :stuck_out_tongue:

Poke-Blokey has the Ho-Oh for sale on eBay, 1st Edition too. Price is £59.99 or best offer. Might be worth a £40 offer, unless you think that’s too much…

I’ve had a fair few people comment that there overpriced, which is fine as I take everyones comments on board. The thing which I can’t understand is when I ask anyone to link me to some cheaper, no one ever can…

Please if anyone says there overpriced, show me a link to some which are for sale/sold for cheaper. I’m not saying your wrong to say there overpriced but some evidence would be nice.

Meh - look at it another way.

You paid what you wanted for the card because you really wanted it. That means it was worth that much to you. Sounds like you kinda knew you were paying a lot but really wanted them. I would then sit back and just enjoy your purchases.

Which I still really really want by the way :grin: