Global shipping program invading Europe?

Does anyone else get similar shipping info from item above?

GBP 37.34 (approx. EUR 52.35) International Priority Shipping to Finland via the Global Shipping Program

Item location:
Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Ships to:
United Kingdom and many other countries

Import charges:
GBP 0.00 (amount confirmed at checkout) help icon for Shipping
No additional import charges on delivery"

I thought gsp was only available for US sellers, I’d hate to see this plague spreading any further.

One more thing, if this is true can european seller ship straight to buyer’s address or does package go first to Kentucky shipping center ( like packages sent by US sellers ) ?

The Global Shitting, whoops, Shipping Program is forced onto, I mean available, to both US and UK sellers. So anything international from those countries has to go through a shipping center in the respective country.

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Just in case a newbie is lurking around here…They don’t have to go through a shipping center. Most sellers ship direct.

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FFF i hate the gsp, worst thing is, most sellers using it have no idea how much the shipping comes up as and how many people don’t even bother viewing their listings because of it (my experience anyway).


Tell me about it, I’ve had way too many tough negotiations about this situation with sellers using gsp. Luckily majority of them in the end realize the flaws and agree switching to regular shipping.

In short words: if you’re not ready willingly fund party that has nothing to do with deal, don’t expect anyone else should be obligated making the same thing. :wink:

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I can relate fellow Aussie. Given how small the market is here it’s nice to be able to buy things from the US sometimes. The only issue is that the GSP sends postage prices sky high. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

Luckily I’ve had pretty good experiences with just contacting the buyers and asking if they’d be willing to use alternate shipping methods. They’ve all been understanding and have tried to find an alternative for me so far.

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Yeah some are good with it, a lot just refuse , probably due to previous bad experience. I’ve had sellers tell me that ebay is pushing the program onto them with fear mongering that it’s a sure way to prove that you sent your items…

eBay really needs to come up with a way, other than forcing people to pay exorbitant amounts, to prove you have sent your items to protect both buyer and seller.

I’ve only ever had one issue with eBay to which the seller fixed it up immediately.

The issue doesn’t seem to be with sellers, rather uneducated and scamming buyers.

The GSP is shit. Makes me want to buy local where prices are so ridiculous =(

Yeah aussies have to find a really good deal for it to be worth buying from an american, due to the postage these days :slightly_frowning_face: