Gengars And Rompers

Not sure why, but I was trying to catch the flash Gengar in a screenshot and couldn’t.

I was going to offer a Romper as a prize but couldn’t get it approved. You all will have to buy your own.


Protip. Record the screen for 20 seconds instead of trying to screenshot.

Yes, I know that but the challenge was in the screenshot;)

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Is it even possible?

all you do is record the screen, play your recording and scrub to the moment gengar appears, then pause and screen shot that. I have no idea if you can just screenshot outright, it would probably take a good amount of tries.

We’ll see if anybody can screenshot it without using video;)

Lmao guy in the middle kinda looks like vanilla ice


Which one are you?

I’m most like the one on the far right…I’m cute too:)

Lol, very majestic pose, the way he is holding out his dreadlock :rofl:

I cheated

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Lol…an honest man:)

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I posted the screenshot THEN realized you could see my recording software in the toolbar. lol

Woohoo actually got it after spamming the screenshot button 50ish times (because apparently I have nothing better to do).

And by the way hello to everyone, since this is my first post after lurking aroung for a long time here :blush:


Was this all an elaborate scheme to bait new members? Lol

Haha…you caught me;)

Damn… and I thought I’d get a Romper. *sigh*

I’m sure you’d look lovely;)


@garyis2000 I ended up going with the purple one. I got sent home from work today because of it :slightly_frowning_face: I knew I should’ve went with the blue.

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@garyis2000 can i get sweat pants instead?

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