Gengar Topps variants

I’m trying to get the Topps sparkle, tekno, and spectra variants of Gengar. Are they all available in the same booster packs? If so which packs are they in? Pics please if possible.

Yes they are all available in the same product. Topps chrome series 2. I don’t see any currently listed and they are super hard and expensive to come by.


I know a guy that does a lot with sealed topps products if you’re interested I can reach out see if he has a sealed Series 2 Box price points is a couple Grand I can tell you that much but I can always ask him.

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Good luck on finding them! The booster boxes are a few thousand dollars each and getting anything but a regular chrome is just pure 1/100 luck. You just have to be patient. The tekno version just sold on eBay same day it was listed and its the only one in existence currently. If you find someone with packs - let us know too so we can get in on the action :blush:

Happy to provide a higher resolution picture of that specific box! :blush: