Gem Mint 10 Mew - Southern Islands

Within my collection I have a Gem Mint 10 Mew from the Southern Islands collection that I’ve been considering selling for awhile. However, I have no idea what a fair price would be on the card as I can’t come across any sold listings on eBay.

Looking for any help on what a reasonable price would be?

Just came across this forum and been in touch with a few people within the pokemon community. Excited to be here.

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Welcome Drew. I’ve sold a couple in the last year as part of bigger deals but believe I got a valuation of appx 200+

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Thanks for the welcome. I was thinking that trading and making a bigger deal would be the way to go with this one.

Honestly I’d say about $100-$200 I don’t think I have seen a 10 on that card. It’s not as rare but it is in a 10.

Gary is right on the money as usual. This card doesn’t seem like its worth a lot but they are hard to grade in a 10.
I’d say at minimum its worth $200.

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As public sales aren’t permitted, make sure you send offers like this via a private message. It helps us discourage sales posts disguised as requests for valuation and also keeps the forum purely discussion based for our viewers. :blush: