GBI Silver Promo (Yu-Gi-OH) Prices

Are GBI001 Silver promo God Cards worth investing in or do you think the price will just stabilise where it’s already at?

They are the highest valued god card set and are considered one of the most nostalgic cards in YGO as every kid I know back in the day had a set of fake god cards.

They are stable at their $700-$800 price range due to availability but I believe they are a staple in the YGO hobby.

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Yeah i need them in my collection but don’t want them to flop because of the availability i mean the pops not huge in psa 10 but its up there at 150 on each card. i have a feeling these cards will do the same as the DDS and get super popular.

The problem is there so many reprint of same art. People will buy the cheaper version instead. Only few collector willing to buy expensive version.

I have the same feeling. They are like exodia or BEWD in popularity… as soon as the hobby will be more stable, every PSA 10 collector will want this trio IMHO.


Although I agree for the general collector, for the higher end collector it’s not. It’s kinda like a 1st edition Base Set Charizard vs XY Evolutions reprint. Of course most average collectors who like the artwork will buy the XY Evolution one, since they can’t or don’t want to afford the Shadowless 1st ed. Base Set. But we still see loads of sales for it regardless, and the price keeps rising.

I think @alessio92it is indeed correct in that we will see a price increase for certain versions of these God cards, similar as BEWD, REBD, Exodia, Dark Magician Girl, Dark Magician, etc.

Yu-Gi-Oh is definitely more expensive than about 6 years ago when I was pretty active. In those days, cards above 200 USD would be extremely uncommon to see (with the exceptions of the high end cards like Trophy cards and such), but nowadays I see 200+ cards on a daily basis. Take the recent 10,000 Secret Rare for example, which was in the Ignition Assault set to mark the 10,000th OCG Yu-Gi-Oh card printed. Although it can be pulled from packs, it was already a couple hundreds of USD shortly after the set was released, and these days it’s 900-1200 USD. Pretty crazy how quickly it has increased in price considering it can be pulled from packs (although it’s a very popular card, a one-time rarity with nice history, and the pull rate is fairly low - I’m pretty sure buying the single is cheaper than buying 15+ booster boxes for the same price and try to pull it yourself), so I do understand the price. It’s still crazy when you compare it to the Yu-Gi-Oh prices of years ago (just like Pokémon as well I guess).

I think if Yu-Gi-Oh marks it’s 20th anniversary, cards like these will be worth quite a bit more than now, just like it was with Pokémon (although Pokémon is quite a bit more popular worldwide, so I don’t think it will ever reach the popularity as Pokémon; but in comparison to current Yu-Gi-Oh prices and talking about increases in percentage, it would probably be similar as Pokémon to some extend).



I’m the occasional ygo collector and I bought the legendary collections(those from 2010) first but it didn’t feel right until I got the gold and silver gb promos, too. And I haven’t touched the game since dark crisis.

I think even occasional collectors are used to look at the set code (is it called like that?) from back in the day. That’s probably also why all those NA collectors don’t buy european/australian cards even though the difference is just one letter.

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Good point. The North American version is the most popular type for the earlier sets like LON, which was without additional letters (i.e. LON-125). The Worldwide, European, Australian, and foreign versions all had their own country code (i.e. LON-EN125 for Worldwide; LON-E125 for European; LON-A125 for Australian; LON-F125 for French; etc.) and are less popular by most collectors.

Regarding your second point, it’s funny how in these earlier sets, only that letter is indeed different, yet the cards themselves were the same. Whereas with newer English sets (whether from the US, Europe, or Australia) are all with EN, even though those can have regional differences with Secret Rares, Ultimate Rares, and Gold Rares in some sets/cards. :grin: More information about that can (soon) be found in my W.I.P. Yu-Gi-Oh rarity collection guide.


I feel like they have room to grow. I’m not a Yu-Gi-Oh! collector but I loved the cards + playing back then and when I wanted to have a set of the God Cards again I went for the GBI Silver set- they’re so lovely!

I love yugioh but the massive reprints does kind of suck. Especially for the unlimited BEWD to like dark crisis sets when they were reprinted with the “6+ years packs”

I thought about making a thread asking about prices for yugioh cards if they weren’t reprinted 1,000,000 times

I just collect the psa cards I enjoy. I just bought/opened the legendary collection game board edition to get the god cards yesterday - I don’t have the money nor the need to spend hundreds on the GBI, especially because I’m pretty sure I only had the LC growing up

Actually the highest value and rarest God set is the Chinese GS06 Set, last one was sold for 5k usd.

The secret rares were only included in 1st edition of the Japanese release of the game correct?

I would personally much rather get the way less expensive reprints.


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