Gamestop to start selling PSA graded Pokémon cards?

With these offers, if there’s a local game store/card store nearby, why would you even entertain Gamestop’s offers. Not to mention the advantage of the store credit at an LGS/LCS being useful for purchasing other cards of interest.

Yes, that’s the same thing they used when checking out my cards. They even used a blacklight and joulers loupe which I thought was pretty funny, but I understand why. The employees checking over my cards had literally never held a PSA card before.

When I declined their offers they have a list of reasons for decline and the one I said was trade in value too low. Guess if they don’t get enough trade ins, then it’s possible they increase their offers.


Really? Is that definitely confirmed?

Seems like a miss to not be able to buy the slabs in the store but I suppose the online exposure might be a bigger win than banking on foot traffic driving more sales.

thanks for sharing your experience. I had a feeling this was to good to be true.


I called 6 stores near me in the Washington/Oregon area, and either was told they haven’t started yet, or won’t be participating. Hopefully it goes well enough in the areas it’s active, and rolls out here!

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It’s only limited stores as a trial run not corporate wide?

That’s what I was told by multiple stores, so assume they’re trying it in certain markets, will take some learnings, and roll out larger scale if it makes sense for them.

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From the Pokebeach article:

“GameStop plans to launch the program at all locations in June. Today it soft-launched at 200 stores in Texas, Connecticut, Kentucky, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, and New York.”


Leonhart made a video

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People looking to dump otherwise undumpable junk slabs, is my guess

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Based on the video it seems they only accept PSA graded cards with QR codes and seems like the rate is 20-50% of market value


Why? I thought it was pretty straight forward and showed how the process works

I…actually dont know why.

It was probably the first part, when they made it sound worse than it was.

Pretty much a golden opportunity to unload junk slabs. If they open it up to accepting CGC, im unloading all of my 9.5 jank lol

So guess they’ve started to list cards. I’m curious to see how many people see the cards that they’ve marked up and start thinking that’s the new price of the card. I’m also just super bad at predicting the market and usually just default to worst case scenario. Hoping it’s not the case.

I don’t know how to do the quoting on mobile with responses but I’m glad I’m correct

Wild that GameStop is buying and selling graded cards

Are you using the Lopunny color palette? :pikalaugh:

The answer is to highlight the text you want to quote

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Haha did not realize that’s what it was as I had forgotten they had names. I was just tired of the extremes— white mode of dark mode