Gameboy Crystal as a collectible

I found a sealed one of these, perfect condition. I noticed it may have collectible value. How much and WHY? It has the “H” seam and does that mean anything?

Big time collectible value as crystal is one of the hardest ones to find sealed. Value keeps going up and they sell best with $0.99 auctions. You’re looking at $250+ from what I’ve seen if perfect.

Hi my friend. Do you know what’s up with the seam differences? Plus I saw some graded…do you know what that costs?

The seam is irrelevant (whether it’s horizontal or vertical), the only thing that makes a difference is the presence of an H seam (letter H, not horizontal) which indicates authenticity. Google how to tell a real from a fake, there are very good resources around, namely

Check the VGA website for rates. It would probably total to under $40 and is a great inveatment if it’s as mint as you’ll have me believe. I’ve seen a VGA 85 (great grade but not insane) crystal sell for something like $800

i created an ebay listing with a lot of pictures asking for any experts help in identifying a reseal. i think it is a reseal but not positive. check out this item #380564127488

Looks to me like a reseal Gary although I am no expert. I own 5 of these and they don’t look anything like yours. The “overhang” on the seams is what is throwing me off. That shouldnt be there, I have never seen a sealed game have that. Hopefully an eBay member will give you more insight.

Ps it’s not grade worthy even if it turns out to be authentic. They’re very strict with grading, yours appears to have considerable corner seal damage and some small dents.