Sealed pokemon blue legit?

Hey guys just wondering if this is a factory sealed pokemon blue or not as I’m keen to buy it if it is

It’s resealed. That h-seam is horribly done and if I’m off and it was done by the factory I wouldn’t want to buy it anyway.

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Agree with cullers, doesn’t seem right. Stay away.

I am not sure. But it feels like a reseal. I checked out other Game Boy sealed items on eBay and the h-seam is less harsh on those.

And a graded copy of Pokemon Blue (Videogame grading -.-; it’s a hobby killeR)

I don’t get it. I used to be pretty big into collecting video games and that looks 100% like an authentic US applied shrink wrap. Even has the old school security sticker on it. The box doesn’t have any of the common indications that it was cracked open. Wear on the paint, bent tabs, creases. cullers knows his shit when it comes to Pokemon cards but I think all of you are incorrect in this case.

Unfortunately I don’t still have all my old games to compare it to but I think it’s legit, even put $10 on it just from the photos.

This is a tough one in my opinion as well. The H-seem, while not the best, still mimics factory and is well within what I have seen. The barcode would either be a subtle “see, its totally legit” mark, but I haven’t seen that present on a reseal. Corners have normal wear and flaps have no indications. Would need to hold it to 100% verify, but to me I would say 80-90% legit, just an ugly seal.

I wont claim to be an expert in video game authentication, so I very well could be wrong. I’m mainly looking at the H-Seam on the listing. It just looked off to me. I took another look at it and it might just be that the seam didn’t finish properly? I took a few images of my game to show a compairson.


I can see the point on it not being a perfect seam. Not sure what you mean by it didn’t finish properly though, looks sealed to me without any hot spots or loose spots in the cellophane.

Comparing it to a sealed Yellow isn’t really a fair comparison. Just like with you have variances in packaging in Pokemon cards the same holds true in the manufacturing of games. Those two were released nearly a year apart from one another and who knows how similarly the two were sealed. My guess is probably not even at the same facility, let alone by the same machine.

Seems this topic comes up a bit and I have to wonder how serious the counterfeiting is with resealing vintage games. I’m pretty sure people can replicate most shrink-wrapped seals with enough time and effort. Have to wonder at what point you won’t be able to tell anymore.

I just grabbed yellow. All my games I have from gameboy look the same Nintendo had been doing video games for years, and I assume they got pretty good at packaging when Pokemon was released. The finnish I’m talking about is when the cut off the excess flap on the seam. You can see in my picture the seam is barely noticeable. I had to angle it to get it to show. The seam on the blue box looks to have a lot of excess, especially on the right. I’m probably off on this, but it just didn’t look right to me. I’m starting to side that it’s real on the second look though.

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Yeah well that sucks… need to try find one like the one in your pictures cullers. That one looks awesome