Full Art grading

I have a rainbow full art Tyranitar that I would like to grade that is nearly flawless with a perfect back and corners. The only flaw is these patches on the front that are missing the texture that the rest has. Anyways my question is how does psa view things like this and will it result in it negatively affecting the grade? Also has anyone graded a card with this problem?

I have not noticed this problem on anything I’ve seen. Can you provide photos?

I know that PSA has, in the past, not taken off for offset texture or complete lack of texture on modern Full Arts.

I would if I knew how lol :sweat_smile: I’m on the mobile version and I don’t see anything that lets me.

Create an account on Imgur. Upload the image and then paste the web address in here.


(I’m currently 6 for 6 on PSA 10 rainbow rare submissions. they all have textures though)

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Thanks guys I’ll be posting a pic soon.

On the cheek, stomach, as well as specks on the left of the body.

This will 100% not affect the grade it receives.

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