FPO cards popping up in Japan

Found a few FPO card’s while scrolling through buyee. Thoughts? This is the link to the listing

Thoughts on what? They look real to me if that’s what you’re asking.

Not questioning the authenticity :joy: but there’s gotta be a story there, considering that at some point these cards originated from WOTC and most likely an employee. so when and who sold them to an overseas buyer. And then taking consideration of the culture there where they typically hold onto high ticket items for a long period of time. Plus a basic eBay search and there’s probably only 10 to 15 listings for raw versions and the rest are graded rarely see them make their way to Japan

I don’t get your post. We can buy cards from Japan, but they can’t buy from us? Seems rather prejudice to me.

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These cards are for sale all the time, not sure why it’s odd for them to be in Japan

I guess it’s just unusual because there aren’t many English cards worth exporting into Japan in the first place😄


Too real :frowning:

Magi is a well-known platform / seller with lots of niche stuff, so I don’t think there’s a story behind this. Probably just a bigger local collector who sold / consigned to them.



I know some Japanese collectors with the FPO Charizard. It’s not that unusual to see English cards. Also, drop shipping goes both ways… I see it especially for graded and error cards lol.