Found Pokemon Cards

Hello everyone. I found these cards on footpath whilst walking home. Any ideas of how I may return them to the original owner? Found in Kingsford, NSW Australia.

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Who drops psa cards and doesn’t notice! This is very strange I must say haha, respect for trying to return them though!


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That is very odd. Unfortunately these things trade hands so often they could have had four or more different owners since the serial number was even assigned to it when they were submitted by the original owner.

only thing i can think of atm is trying to match it to someones collection journal/photos if they even have one. Could also leave ur email address with a shop owner near there. Quite often people will check if their lost belongings have been handed in to a shop close to where they think they lost them.

No scratches? Did they appear placed neatly for someone to find them? Are you a female? Maybe you have a stalker??? The questions…

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You may want to leave a note somewhere, even around where you found them. The owner may come back to find them as those are probably very important cards to them. EX: “Found Pokemon Cards, if they are yours, email me with what they are at and I will happily return them”

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I smell a rat!

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The amount of people who collect PSA cards in Australia could probably be counted on your hands, so it might be possible to find out who they belong to. I could ask in the Australian trade/sales Facebook group and see if anyone is missing their graded cards if you’d like?

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Make sure to take out the serial numbers.

If this is true, then I apologise. Couldn’t resist lol.

I can’t recall if Wilson Wong on the Australian Pokemon page on facebook is from that area.

I wouldn’t even need to post the a pic. Could just see if anyone had lost some PSA cards, if what they’re missing matches the pic and story we’re good. Unless some sneaky upccc lurker snaps them up lol.

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Thanks for all the replies everyone.

It was on the footpath next to a semi-main road. No shops around. Kingsford area is home to many apartments occupied mainly by overseas students (university right next door).

87kg male uni student…not exactly the type that attracts stalkers I’m afraid… :wink:

Considered this, any way to suss out potential scammers (if any?) claiming for them? I haven’t had Pokemon cards since primary school so am a bit behind on all the know-how.

Thanks that will be great!!!

Don’t get it but appreciate the humour nontheless :grin:

Hope owner will be found